Thursday, April 16, 2009

Plastic Machine - NY-Paris Remixes Free Dowload

Plastic Machine's "Ny Paris Remixes" 2006 feat. Equitant Remix!
Free download here

The original Plastic Machine version took us by storm when we heard it. The melodic bass and synth lines, super sharp drums and atmospheres are not to be missed. Equitant’s remix brings it down hard with a very aggressive take on the track. This one will have you bangin’ your fist in the air with it’s hard beat and variations on the synth sounds. Leggo’s Danger on the Road mix shakes it out with a nice hard break beat and acid style synth. Sevenfive gives as a little more room to breath with his twisted breaks and subdued bass line. This mix almost borders with a bit of an IDM feel but still very much in the electro realm.

Source: Stir Sound

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