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Equitant Interview - H2H4U Radio Show ( France) July 2009

Equitant Interview - H2H4U Radio Show ( France) July 2009

Q1 Could You describe what are Black Montanas visions regarding emerging artists?

(E) Yes, you are right with this vision! And it is certainly is a full time job. I am the only one that is running the label; so I handle everything from the mastering, promotion, cover designs and web design. The label actually started out as a magazine in 1992. Dedicated to extreme metal music known as Black Metal. After only 2 issues we decided to end the publication, due to the endless time and effort it took to keep such a publication going.
I then resurrected the name Black Montanas as a label in 2001. Releasing much of my early Equitant releases as demos.

In 2007 I decided to go further with the Black Montanas vision as a digital Internet label and sign artists I liked and felt needed exposure in the underground electronic scene. We do focus on all forms of electronic music. From experimental, techno, EBM and electro. All of our releases you can find at the Black Montanas mp3 shop. Or any major download sites, such as itunes, rhapsody, emusic,, napster etc…we also license some of our releases through the Colombian digital label Black Leather Records. Those can be found at

Q2 Equitant is also a DJ, can you tell us more about the general spirit of your DJ Set and the parties where you are invited?

(E) Well, I am not a DJ really. My strength is in producing mainly. When I do play live its a live PA set. Laptop, mixer, a very simple but effective set up. I will play Equitant originals and remixes I have done, plus remixes other artist have done of my music. I have only done one real “DJ style set”. This was last year in Bogotá Colombia, and it was a set consisting of Black Montanas artists only. I would like to do more djing one day, but my heart is just in producing these days. Producing and live PA sets….

Q3 What do you think about MP3 and virtual DJing?

(E) I certainly prefer vinyl djing, but this is a dying art here in the states it looks like. Most of the djs I play with in Texas use this form of “djing”, only using mp3s. I guess it’s a change in the times. mp3s are easy to get, and cheap.

We hope one day to start printing CDS and vinyl with Black Montanas. Though our finances are very limited these days. That is our next goal though, having 3 forms of releases, mp3, CD and vinyl.

Q4 On Black Montanas Label we can find numerous french electronic music artists production, EP, Can you Tell us more about Your French Ear Attraction?

(E) I have been a long time fan of the “French sound”. There is just something about it…
I guess the first French artist I was into was Laurent Garnier back in 1997 with the album “30”. Then I heard some of the early Gigolo releases with David Carretta and Terrance Fixmer. I was really drawn to this sound. It was like none other. I wanted a good amount of French artists on Black Montanas, so we found quite a lot that would join the label, like MILLIMETRIC, NÖVÖ, FRANCK KARTELL, KATELECTRO, OTHER-ASPECT, THE BREAKWATERS, JONATHANN CAST, KORPORATION, JAUZAS THE SHINING etc…

Q5 Can you tell us more about your passion regarding the science of physic and Astronomy? I will love that you describe us the Elite! Sound and Elite! Black Montanas Productions.

(E) Astronomy? Hmmm you must be talking about Starchaser Network. This was really just an image for us; we are fans of space, space travel and science fiction. Nothing more really. Regarding the sounds of Elite! This is pure old style EBM! And the top seller on Black Montanas. His sound is influenced by DAF and other old EBM artists. So far we have released 3 albums with Elite! He has done a few remixes for Equtant and we are planning an Elite/Equitant project together in the future. No title for the project yet though.

Q6 What Is Starchaser Network project? How do you create together? And most of all Do you think we could hear some new tracks with Equitant | Martinis as a singer soon?

(E) The Starchaser Network is a project with my old band mate Proscrptor from Absu (a metal band I was in for 12 years in the 90’s) and a friend from Sweden “Victorious”. It is more or less a project we did just for fun, nothing serious really. Its just electro-trash is what I call it. I don’t think another album will ever be released from this project…we all have 1000 other things going on at this time. So, that one album will be it I am sure.

Q7 Could you describe the spirit of this EP regarding the music but also about your feelings regards society in 2005?

(E) The “Hauptstadt” EP was the fallow up to my album “Konstruckteur” in 2005. I was listening to a lot of German electro/techo like, Alter Ego and Anthony Rother. I used a lot of old analog synths on it; I was going for a very raw sound there, one track is more or less experimental… My sounds have changed very much since then. I still like that old stuff though.

Thank you so much for the interview! Feel free to visit us at we have 2 new releases out now, Equitant – Dynamism and Red Industrie feat. Yasmin Gate – Electro Body. Thanks!

Thank you Ray for sharing with us your passion and vision...Hope you the best to come.
With much much respect friend.

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