Friday, October 29, 2010

Jonathann Cast - No More Pain feat Demetra Vox (Equitant Remix) review @ Sideline Magazine

The French artist Jonathann Cast appeared to me as a real revelation when back in 2009 I heard the "Hurt Me"-maxi released on Black Montanas. J. Cast now comes back together with the Swiss artist Demetra Vox and a remix of the track "No More Pain". The remix was executed by Equitant, which is a judicious choice if you know the minimal EBM skills of this musician. The remix brings a nice twist of a deep and efficient EBM bass line, a great club beat, a cool tune somewhere in the background and a few vocal lines. One song is not exciting enough to come into the body grooves of Jonathann Cast. On the other hand it can incite people to go in search of more stuff from this project! (DP:7/8)DP.

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