Monday, February 6, 2012

Equitant's Electro Elements Live at Club Metropolis in McAllen, Texas.

Equitant's Electro Elements Live at Club Metropolis in McAllen.

Equitant, as defined, is an adjective describing the overlapping at the base to form a flat, fanlike arrangement in two ranks, as the leaves of some irises. The traditional definition is not much different than how one would describe the electronic music remixes created by Equitant, the producer.

Just last year, Equitant created a new project, a collaboration with Yasmin Gate that presented tracks of the same quality but with great female vocals, which is a rare thing in old school EBM. You can hear what is some of the hardest beats in old school EBM genre, with a touch of old school techno, and a great deal of hard energy stemming from Nitzer Ebb's "That Total Age" album. Being the only old school EBM artist from the US, Equitant stands out in modern EBM scene with its own well-developed sound.

From 2003 to the present Equitant has constructed countless remixes for many renowned artists in the electro/techno/EBM
scene. Over the past 3 years Equitant has been a resident live act at the prominent "Klub Atomix" in San Antonio Texas. As well as other live performances in Texas, Mexico City and Bogota Colombia.

Black Montanas, Equitant's label, provides worldwide digital distribution and representation for independent artists of an electro, techno, EBM and experimental variety. The music is distributed worldwide through: Black Montanas Mp3 Shop, The Reliquary and Black Leather Records. You can find all the releases on itunes, amazon, emusic, rhapsody, junodownload and many more.

Don't miss your chance to watch and listen to Equitant live at Club Metropolis in McAllen on February 25, 2012!

For more information contact:

Metropolis Night Club
2021 Orchid Avenue
McAllen, TX 78504

Source: Nancy Millar - McAllen Texas CVB Blog

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