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Red Industrie - Electro Body feat Yasmin Gate (including Equitant & Elite! Remix) OUT NOW!

ARTIST: Red Industrie
TITLE: Electro Body
CAT #: BM093
FORMAT: Digital MP3
NOTES: Includes re-written/remixes by Elite! & Equitant (Vocals by Yasmin Gate & Helder Camberos). Original “Electro Body” mix appears on the album “Ciencia Ficcion” (Advanced-Synergy) written by Helder Camberos.

The Red Industrie "Electro Body" release has combined 4 of the leading producers in the worldwide electro techno and EBM scene for a special release on the American digital label "Black Montanas". Helder Camberos, Yasmin Gate, Elite! And Equitant all unite to bring forth a powerful release of dark pounding dance floor destruction.

Red Industrie is an alter ego of Helder Camberos from Isis Signum. Teamed with live member Hilda Moran on computers, programing, senquencing: special fx and aditional vox. For the debut album entitled "Ciencia Ficcion" (Advanced - Synergy) Red Industrie invited guest Yasmin Gate (former member of Dirty Princess) on vocals for the hit single "Electro Body". The influences and roots of Red Industrie are rooted deep in the underground scene and science fiction themes. The music is inspired by The Horrorist, Nitzer Ebb, Scandy, The Hacker, Fad Gadget, Moev and Tiga.

Yasmin Gate started her career as a solo player after being part of Dirty Princess over seven years. In 2004, “Jugar al Revés” was released by Mad Dildo and remixed by Roman Flüguel (Alter Ego) and Ai (Teamtendo). That very same year, Dirty Princess was announced as the best live band and the best-unreleased album by the National Radio of Spain. Towards the end of 2004, Dj Hell invited them to take part in the booking of Gigolo Records. In 2005 they released their second reference Mad02, which comprises “Mesca y Lina” and “Going going”, the former remixed by Miguel Mendoza, Federico Stuart, Big Toxic and the latter by The Freelance Hellraiser. In 2006 they presented their first DVD “Body Control Tour 2003-2005” a compiled version of all the concerts given across Europe, it also features some footage of their visual screenings, unpublished scenes and a very interesting photo gallery. In 2007, they released the third reference Mad03, with the remix “Dios” by T. Raumschmiere (Shitkatapult), Adriano Canzian and Leandro Gámez. In 2008 they launched their new reference Mad04 with the remixes of “Marine” by David Carretta (Space Factory), “Vigilan” by the Australian Team Plastique, besides featuring the original versions of “Marine” and “ Proceso”. Now she ventures onto the dance floors on her own, releasing her first reference “No Fear” under David Carretta’s label “Space Factory”. The Gate has opened; get your ears ready, there is a live show coming soon for you not to stop dancing.

Elite! is an EBM project which was founded in 2007 (Duesseldorf, Germany). After moving over to France we decided to bring our music to another level! Out of the basement straight into your ears and legs! We make music about steel, work, sex and muscles.Taking influences from early 80's EBM artists like Die Krupps, DAF and Zoth Ommog. Elite's sound is like non other.. Elite! is exactly what it say it is: Elite! This France based old school EBM act presents more DAF and Nitzer Ebb style the way it was back in its glory days, than most today's bands do. Especially early DAF influence is more rare in modern EBM, but Elite! proves that wrong through such stand-out tracks as "Harte Liebe" and "Mein Mädchen".

Best known for his guitar/bass executions in the extreme metal trio Absu, Equitant has been performing synthesizer-based music since 1993. Equitant's remixing abilities surfaced in 2006, creating memorable remixes for many artists such as: Electroflex, Fake Fur, Starchaser Network, The Dealers, Giving For The Call, Maxx Klaxon, Lethargy, Stamba, Leggo, Plastic Machine, Nexus 6, TK8, Scorpio, Kitsch, Nadia Sohaei, Elite!, Jonathann Cast, Other Aspect, Sindrome, Reizstrom, Miss Duckin' and Millimetric. 2007 brought the resurrection of Equitant's label "Black Montanas". A digital net label helping to provide worldwide digital distribution and representation for independent artists of an electro, techno, EBM and experimental variety. Artists include: Equitant, Starchaser Network, Adolf Filter, Scorpio, Future, Dr. Siak, Uniflux, Crotaphytus, Raw Mechanics, Franck Kartell, Katelectro, The Breakwaters, Other Aspect, Jauzas the Shining, Jonathann Cast, Dr. Lovelock, Elite!, Zhark, Svart1, X-In, Wave Tank, Moon Disco, Electroberlin, Crossover, Millimetric, Miss Dickin', Galaxian, Korporation, Mysterium, Valerio Orlandini, Tesla Monophonic, Eldar and Trifid Nebula, NOVO and Nexus 6. In June 2008 Equitant's remix of Jonathann Cast's "Hurt Me" (featuring Drey) was released on the Futureclash 2 compilation by Advanced Synergy Records (Mexico) along side well known artists such as : Neon Electronics vs The Hacker, Lethargy, Dirty Princess, Nexus – 6, Terence Fixmer, Team Plastique and People Theatre. Remember: Equitant creates a delicious cocktail of retro and dark techno/electro - mental yet maniacal.

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