Saturday, July 7, 2012

Review: Equitant - Body Vehement @ Brutal Resonance (Sweden)

'Body Vehement' is Equitant's fifth full length album. The album includes original mixes plus Equitant remixes and featuring vocals by: Lea X, Yasmin Gate, Bastian & Illumine Concrete.

We start with "Body Vehement (Original Mix)", it oozes with excitement and power from the start, EBM sounds to dance to. An emotional, intense and impassioned EBM track with a techno beat, a bass-driven floor-filler in the right setting. All this is accompanied by some clear deep vocals, which leaves us in no doubt as to what Equitant likes. Your body will just move along with the sounds from start to finish with little effort at least from your brain, just go with it. The "Body Vehement (Equitant Remix)", moves to a more layered electro sound, still with the great bass to the fore. A good enough remix but I prefer the simple aggression of the original mix. You will feel it deeply!

"Let Me Be On feat. Yasmin Gate (Original Mix)" is a superb techno/EDM track, mesmerising music made for the dance-floor. Great synths and a drum beat that leads Yasmin's vocals through perfectly. A very spiritual and futuristic dance track, almost having a tribal beat which you could easily get lost in and then taken away to a faraway place by Yasmin.

"Dynamique feat. Lea X (Original Mix)", features a slower but powerful drum beat with layers of synths, which include a background of beautiful of synth sound against a faster pounding wall of sound. Techno with an element of disco again perfect for the dance floor. The wall of music and great vocals from Lea X work together to form a trance like effect. Italo disco/space disco sounds abound throughout. We continue with the remix version "Dynamique feat. Bastian (Equitant Remix)", powerful drums to the fore with the disco sounds in the distance. The lyrics this time in French give it even more sex appeal to cause even more dynamic movement of the body.

Das Menschliche Rennen feat. Illumine Concrete (Original Mix) returns us to more of a EBM /techno sound but still has a real classic disco element in it. The disco element giving a great beat and turning it into another good dance track. The faster synth sounds make it classic Eurobeat. The contrasting dark vocals work very well. We complete the album the remix of that track "Das Menschliche Rennen feat. Illumine Concrete (Equitant Remix)". It has more of an old-school EBM sound but still retains a dance beat, so "New Beat" is the descriptive term I am looking for.

An excellent blend of EBM, techno, Italo disco and more, making every track a floor-filler. It's dark-disco at it's best, real electronic dance music with a backbone. The Italian producer Adriano Canzian has described Equitant's sound as, "Powerful, Sexy, Strong, ..simply amazing", and I must agree totally. There is no weak track for me but for the highlight I choose the opening track "Body Vehement (Original Mix)" because as I said it is an emotional, intense and impassioned EBM track. I hear so many things in this album from Giorgio Moroder to DAF and Front 242 and recommend it thoroughly. 9/10

By: Danya Malashenkov 04 Jul 2012
Source: Brutal Resonance

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