Monday, November 3, 2008

Equitant - ReKonstrucktion review

The Fossil Dungeon decided to make us discover (again) Equitant’s creations thanks to a remix cd of a few titles of this dark ambient project which begun its career with a tape released by ‘Seventh Key Creations’ (today, ‘the fossil dungeon’). Numerous artists took part in the making of this album: LEGGO, LETHARGY, EQUITANT (himself), DR. SIAK, MAHURA, BUBBLEDOOR, DJ SLINKY, DJ PISCES, DJ JAKUB, DR. WUNDT, RUBEN MONTESCO, and RAUL PARRA.

With Re-konstruction you are going to be in a minimalist electro world. It is interesting to discover all these reinterpreted titles. Because, from a same title, we get remixes with very different sounds. You just have to listen to the numerous versions of “Elemente” to become aware of this. However each creation has its cold and simple part. And if some tunes are appearing again and again, it’s sometimes in a hidden way, like DR Siak did by hiding the main theme. Ruben Montesco, as for himself, kept the voice while adding an accentuated beat. And what about the title “Last Night In My Body”, relatively dark under Pisces Phenotype’s fingers and very lounge with DJ Jakub?

Lovers of simple and dancing electro are going to appreciate Re-konstruction. But the cd will also urge you to discover Equitant’s original titles.

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