Monday, December 28, 2009

Equitant & Yasmin Gate - That's All (The Remixes) Cover Art

Coming Febuary 1st 2010 on Black Montanas & Black Leather Records!

Equitant & Yasmin Gate - That's All (The Remixes)
Featuring remixes by: Adriano Canzian, The Crime,
Ruben Montesco, Sigue Sigue Fabrique, Elesvan, Mini,
Cute Heels, Darank, Kaball, The Blisters Boyz, Nomenklatür,
Salamander + more!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Equitant and Yasmin Gate - That's All (The Crime & Yan Sizov Remix)

Equitant and Yasmin Gate - Thats All (The Crime & Yan Sizov Remix) by E&YG

Equitant and Yasmin Gate - That's All (The Crime & Yan Sizov Remix)

Equitant and Yasmin Gate - That's All (The Crime Remix)

Equitant & Yasmin Gate - That's All (The Crime Remix) by E&YG

Equitant and Yasmin Gate - That's All (The Crime Remix) Coming in 2010 "That's All - The Remixes" Black Montanas / Black Leather Records

Equitant & Yasmin Gate - That's All (Adriano Canzian Remix)

Equitant & Yasmin Gate - That's All (Adriano Canzian Remix) by E&YG

Equitant & Yasmin Gate - That's All (Adriano Canzian Remix) Coming in 2010 "That's All - The Remixes" Black Montanas / Black Leather Records

Equitant & Yasmin Gate - That's All (The Remixes)

Coming Febuary 1st 2010 on Black Montanas & Black Leather Records!

Equitant & Yasmin Gate - That's All (The Remixes)

Featuring remixes by: Adriano Canzian, The Crime,
Ruben Montesco, Sigue Sigue Fabrique, Elesvan, Mini,
Cute Heels, Darank, The Blisters Boyz, Nomenklatür.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Equitant and Yasmin Gate - Thats All (The Crime Remix)

Equitant and Yasmin Gate - Thats All (The Crime Remix) Coming in 2010 "That's All - The Remixes" Black Montanas / Black Leather Records. Preview @ soundcloud

Monday, November 23, 2009

Equitant and Yasmin Gate - Thats All (The Crime and Yan Sizov Remix)

Equitant and Yasmin Gate - Thats All (The Crime & Yan Sizov Remix) Coming in 2010 "That's All - The Remixes" Black Montanas / Black Leather Records. Preview @ soundcloud

Monday, November 2, 2009

Equitant & Yasmin Gate "Thats All" Out Now!

Out Now On Black Montanas!
Equitant & Yasmin Gate - That's All

Equitant and Yasmin Gate join forces to bring you "That's All"!
Includes original mix and remix!

Preview and purchase here:
That's All Minisite
Equitant & Yasmin Gate @ myspace

Monday, September 28, 2009

Nad Mika - Technozarin Remixes coming soon on Black Leather Records

Coming soon on Black Leather Records!

Including remixes by: Equitant, Cute Heels, Neongrau, Kaball, Jonathann Cast, Raul Parra, Mistinguett + more!

Nad Mika @ myspace
Black Leather @ myspace

Monday, September 14, 2009

Equitant & Yasmin Gate - That's All EP Coming Soon!

Coming soon on Black Montanas and Black Leather Records
Equitant & Yasmin Gate "That's All"

Equitant and Yasmin Gate join forces to bring you "That's All"!

Lyrics and vocals by Yasmin Gate.
Musik and vocals by Equitant.

Includes original mix and remix!
Digital release | Release date TBA

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Millimetric Review @ Sideline Magazine

Millimetric featuring Drey - Suffoque (digital release Black Montanas)

François-Xavier Michel better known as Millimetric comes back with this digital release. I'm still under the influence of the revolutionary debut full length "Expériences Modernes" released a few months ago now on M-Tronic. The author he dives into a more minimal EBM approach featuring vocals of guest singer Drey. Drey has a very hydrogen kind of vocals injecting some sexy confusion to the "Suffoque"-song. Millimetric's "Suffoque"-version is rather quiet and minimalist in sound. We here experience a more experimental aspect from this projects' potential. The song is rather synthetic and analogue in style. We next get a remix by Equitant. It's a little more into power while I especially like the kind of Kraftwerk-tones. I'm afraid this is not the best way to get introduced to the work of Millimetric although it remains an acceptable release.

Jonathann Cast Review @ Sideline Magazine

Jonathann Cast - Hurt Me (digital release Black Montanas)

Jonathann Cast is a very young composer, about 20 years old. He became fascinated by electronic music when he was still a kid and has already released a few vinyls and digital releases (often compilations) as well as some remixes. The opening song "Destruction" from this maxi is absolutely gorgeous! This is pure techno-EBM, which I can't better define as the offspring between techno beats and tricks at one side and analogue sounds à la Front 242 at the other side. The title song is quite cool as well, but the "Original Mix" isn't the best one. Equitant took the two other remixes for their part. The bass line and technoid bleeps are in real harmony here while there is an astonishing power emerging from the tracks. The female vocals are quite rudimentary (like it often is with techno music), but absolutely sexy (especially the few words in French language). Notice by the way that the female vocals are coming from guest vocalist Drey who already contributed to other releases on Black Montanas. "Hurt Me" will for sure hurt many dancefloors by its high EBM-tech adrenaline vibes.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

H2H PLUS - Audio Radio Interview with Equitant (Black Montanas Label)

H2H PLUS with Equitant, Black Montanas Label

Posted: 31 Aug 2009 12:17 AM PDT
August 09 - heart 2 heart RadioShow

Flyer link
DOWNLOAD LINK (right click, save as) : Download link

08:00 pm to 10:00 pm - august 4th 009 - C.E.S.T. Paris time
web radioshow on


01. Starchaser Network – Knight Rider Theme
(cover of knight rider 80's tv serie intro theme)
from Starchaser Network - Knight Rider Single


02. Red Industrie feat Yasmin Gate – Electro Body (Elite Remix)
from Red Industrie - Electro Body EP

03. Jonathann Cast feat Drey – Hurt Me (Equitant Remix)
FROM Jonathann Cast - Hurt Me EP

04. Equitant – Mekanik (Elite! Remix 2)
from Equitant - Mekanik Remix EP

05. Equitant - Elemente
from Equitant - Konstruckteur LP
CARD 004 Tarot Productions

06. Starchaser Network – New York U Know
from Starchaser Network LP
CARD 005 Tarot Productions

07. Scorpio – Robots Understand
from Scorpio - Robots Understand Single

08. Equitant – Menschheit (Human Race)
from Equitant - Hauptstadt EP


09. Galaxian – I can do Everything
from Galaxian - End Of Forever LP
BM 069

10. Zhark – Haunebu III (Prototype – Mix)
from Zhark - Fruhwerke (1983-1986) LP¨

11. Illuminé Concrète – Der Tod ist unser Sieg
from Unreleased Debut Album
Soon on Black Montanas

12. ElectroBerlin – The end
from ElectroBerlin - The End EP

13. NÖVÖ – Until The End Of The Dying Generation
from Architecture & Severity LP
BM 094

14. Korporation – Breathing
from Korporation - Breathing Single

15. Hadamard – Disaster
from Hadamard - We Go Into Space LP

16. Eldar – The Pain of the Ashes
from Eldar - Cautio Criminalis LP

17. X-in – x398
from X-in - 0=w+b EP


18. Equitant - Dynamism
from Equitant Dynamism EP

Personal Note :
I Play During the Equitant Interview tracks taken from BLACK MONTANAS Catalogue

For more informations look @ the Blog :

Add to itunes

...... BLACK MONTANAS H2H4U Show ///
H2H PLUS ///

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Equitant - Live @ Atomix 5-23-09 Free Download!


Equitant - Live @ Atomix (San Antonio Texas 5-23-09)
Audio MP3

1. Equitant - Di Minantz Di Inferni
2. Jonathann Cast - Hurt Me (Equitant Remix)
3. Equitant - Dynamism
4. Equitant - Mekanik (Elite! Remix 1)
5. Equitant - Elemente (Codename Guard Remix)
6. Equitant - Dynamism (Equitant Remix)
7. Plastic Machine - Ny Paris (Equitant Remix)
8. Miss Duckin - Answer Answer (Equitant Remix)
9. Equitant - Elemente (Raul Parra Remix)
10. Equitant - Mekanik (Elite! Remix 2)
11. Equitant - Korperwarme
12. Equitant - Illusion II

Download here

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Yasmin Gate - The Gate Has Opened

Yasmin Gate, former member of the band “Dirty princess” (Gigolo Artist), ventures onto the dance floors on her own, releasing her first track “No Fear” on David Carreta’s label “Space Factory”. Her soloist project consists of a refreshing, yet classic sound; dark beats with hypnotic voices that make you move. In her upcoming debut album she counts with the collaborations of T Raumschmiere, Ikki, Equitant, Douglas Maccarthy (Nitzer Ebb), and many other musicians to generated an eclectic and unique sound. The Gate has opened; prepare yourself because you will not be able to stop dancing !! Yasmin Gate's live show is an innovative audiovisual experience for the club scene. Not only does she illuminate the stage with her vocals and charismatic presence, she truly glows while she plays her custom, never seen before instrument, the Dsumi (DS Unconventional MIDI Instrument). Her eclectic music accompanied by live visuals 3D generators and performance make her show a one of its kind.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Equitant - Mekanik & Dynamism reviews @ Sideline Magazine

Equitant - Mekanik (digital release Mcd Black Montanas) +
Mekanik Remix (digital release Mcd Black Montanas)

Posted on 21 Aug, 2009

You don't exactly expect hard techno-EBM coming from Texas (USA) and yet Equitant is a project that has been already active since the early 90s. It must be said that it took some time before Equitant finally found his current style. I remember that some 'earlier' releases didn't impress me at all, but the project now deals with a perfect merge of old school EBM and technoid beats. The "Mekanik" and "Mekanik Remixes" maxi's have been released a few months ago now, but we here take the opportunity to pay some attention for the project and both releases. The title song sounds as the perfect match between old-school EBM and techno elements. It can be defined as the offspring between bands like Nitzer Ebb, DAF and co at one side and Horrorist at the other side. The mix of both styles is simply irresistible and injects a refreshing boost to the traditional EBM. There're no real vocals here except the mention of the title "Mekanik" that has been used as a sampling effect. Next comes the more technoid "Illusion II". It's once more a song based on strong EBM structures joined with techno-dance vibes. And the party goes on with another great song entitled "Korperwarme". This one comes more in the line of the title song as is pure dance food while "Dominierte" ending this "Mekanik"-maxi sounds a little bit softer. The "Mekanik Remix" brings 4 remixes from the title-song. 3 remixes have been executed by Elite! While the last one has been revisited by Equitant in person. The remixes are nice and all delivering a nice twist between the favourite EBM and techno ingredients of Equitant. I personally prefer the original Mcd, but both together can be seen as a real nice and exploding EBM-EP.

Equitant @ Sideline

Equitant - Dynamism (digital release Mcd Black Montanas)

Posted on 21 Aug, 2009

The Mcd "Mekanik" released in 2008 was already a terrific piece of techno-body stuff, but the newest "Dynamism" is simply a must have! The 'original' version of Dynamism opens here and directly reveals an aggreppo, carrying bass line with an icy, beautiful string on top. The song is driven by a repetitive, but ultra danceable beat. We can't really speak about vocals, but the title of the song was used as a sampling. The remix by Equitant adds a little metallic percussion sound, which injects some little diversity to the original version. Next comes the remarkable "Di Minantz Di Inferni". This song is pure dance terror! I got the impression when pushing on the play button of my cd-player that I switched on a kind of techno-EBM engine. It all sounds pretty repetitive, but all the strength of the song (and Equitant as well) appears in the power of the bass line and the unique strings. The beat is just driving you mad! The last 2 pieces are remixes by Elite! which is another familiar project on Black Montanas and a very prolific remixer. Both remixes of "Dynamism" are a bit quieter and a little bit more wafting. It's not bad at all and totally different, but I definitely prefer the harder EBM stuff! This is very nutritive DJ food!

Equitant @ Sideline

Monday, August 17, 2009

Juankarlos - Dark Thirst Mix

This mix consists of techno - darkwave - electro and ebm. Featuring artist's mostly from the record label Black Montanas, and others. This is a special blend, my "Dark Thirst".


Track List:

1. Last Night in My Body - Pisces Phenotype Remix - Equitant
2. Meltdown - Richie Hawtin - South of Detroit Dub
3. Through Man Made Eyes - Equitant Remix
4. Unbreakable - Raw Mechanics
5. War - Blatta & Inesha Go To Luanda Remix - Rampage
6. A Woman - Equitant
7. Timeless Night - The Dealers - Perfection Electro Mix - Equitant
8. Hurt Me feat. Drey - Jonathann Casst - Equitant Remix
9. Die kalt - Equitant
10. Bicycle - Horrors Cosmic Dub - Memory Tapes

Download it here:

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Yasmin Gate & Equitant collaboration

Yasmin Gate & Equitant!!

Listen to the collaboration with Equitant & Yasmin Gate for the track "You Know What I Want" to be featured on Yasmin's upcoming debut album. Produced by Equitant, vocals by Yasmin Gate.

Music video coming soon!

Preview it here:

Monday, August 3, 2009

Equitant interview @

Equitant interview July 2009

(E.I.) Thanks Equitant that you have found time to give answers to these questions. For the first question will be - do you know the Netherlands?

(E) Of course I know the Netherlands; I have been there many times! Rotterdam, Hilversum, Amsterdam, all over. Though it has been over 10 years since I have been there, my time there was unforgettable. Great country and great people!

(E.I.) Greetings Equitant could you please shortly introduce our readers your music project Equitant?

(E) Greetings Ruud. Equitant was born as a solo project in 1993. I released a few demos and appeared on a few compilations in the years of 1993-95. From 1996-1999 nothing much was done with the project. My main focus and priority was a band I was in called “ABSU”. This was a “metal” band playing music know as Speed/Black Metal. Making albums and touring keep me busy with this band. I also had (and still have) a 2nd project band aside from “ABSU” called “Equimanthorn”. This was dark ambient improvised electronic music.

It was not until 1999 that I started making new music with Equitant, and a new form of electronic music with Equitant (that being “techno”). In 2002 I also left the band I was in for 11 years “ABSU”, to concentrate on Equitant full time. My sound as Equitant has evolved much since then (1999), Today I am more on the side of electro/EBM and dark techno.

In the early 2000’s I released several demos with this new style I was doing. It was all very German influenced techno/electro. The demos “Design”, “ North Of Munich”, “Zurich” and “Kompressor” were released from 2001-2003. It was not until 2005/06 that I released my first 2 full-length albums on Tarot Productions, “Zeit” and “Konstruckteur”. These 2 albums were a blend of electro and techno, and once again heavily influenced by German techno, old and new. I was listening to “Kraftwerk” and that was about it. Very retro and analog, a dark Kraftwerk you could say.

In 2007 I released “Re-Konstrucktion” on my label Black Montanas. This was a collection of artists remixing my songs from “Zeit” and “Konstruckteur”…Leggo, Lethargy, Raul Parra, Ruben Montesco, Dr.Siak etc…Soon after this I did the fallow up EP to “Konstruckteur” called “Hauptstadt” (A 3 song EP of raw and experimental electro).

2008 saw several releases again: “Elemente Remixes”, “Technik” (yet another experimental electro album in the style of “Dopplereffekt”), and “Remix Technik”.
All released on my label Black Montanas.

At the end of 2008 my style and sound shifted again. I was going for more of an aggressive EBM/techno sound. The result was my “Mekaink” EP that took almost a year and a half to write, due to writers block and a transition to a new city. Shortly after that I released “Mekanik Remix” in early 2009...This included remixes by the EBM artist ELITE! from Germany.

My latest effort is entitled “Dynamism”, its pretty much where “Mekanik” left off, the same style, and just as heavy and aggressive. This release also included remixes by ELITE! once again.

In between all of these releases, from 2003 to 2009 I have also been remixing tracks for many artists, almost too many to name. Some are: Red Industrie, Nad Mika, Kaball, Reizstrom, Millimetric, Miss Duckin’, Sindrome, Other Aspect, Elite!, Jonathann Cast, Kitsch, Nadia Sohaei, Scorpio, Nexus 6, Plastic Machine, Lethargy, Maxx Klaxon etc..

(E.I.) Please fill also a biographical resume about how, when and where Equitant was founded in…more background information?

(E) Equitant was formed around the same time I was doing another project band called “Equimanthorn”. This was very dark ritual style synth music, and very experimental. I wanted to do something on my own with no other members, something that was just a synthesizer and myself. So I set out to write and record a few demos…it was nothing like my music today. It was more or less synth music in the style of Tangerine Dream or Mort Garson, a dark Tangerine Dream with some vocal narrations over the sounds. It was all very “movie sound track” oriented.

In 1996 I discovered artists like Die Form, Laibach, Kraftwerk and Sven Vath. I was much more attracted to this style, electronic music with beats, rather than music with “just synthesizers”. It opened a whole new world to me…as the years have passed I have discovered more artists, old and new that I like. Artists like D.A.F., Fad Gadget, Nitzer Ebb, Front 242, Depeche Mode. And newer music like: David Carretta, The Hacker, Terrence Fixmer, Millimetric, Dopplereffekt, Gesaffelstein, Adriano Canzian, Fixmer and Mccarthy.

(E.I.) How did you start to make music and what is music for you?

(E) I started making music in 1988/89 with friends I went to school with. Back then I was playing "Metal". I grew up listening to "Punk Rock", and then later moved on to "Metal" in the middle 80's. Listening to bands like Slayer, Bathory, Celtic Frost, Kreator...the extreme underground metal bands.

Music for me is life...a release, a satisfaction, an escape, an endless outlet for creativity and art.

(E.I.) What and who are some of your influences in music?

(E) In the electronic genre it would be Kraftwerk, Nitzer Ebb, Depeche Mode...I prefer the older works of all 3 of these...they each had more appeal then they were starting out, that’s when they were at their best.

(E.I.) What are your top ten favorite EBM / Industrial Club Songs of all time?

(E) Ohhh that is a tough one...I don’t know if you can categorize some of these at EBM or "Industrial", and I don’t know if they are "club hits” really. Some of these are current and some old.

David Carretta - Kill Your Radio
Fad Gadget - Coitus Interruptus
Miss Kittin & The Hacker - Frank Sinatra
Nitzer Ebb- Let Your Body Learn
Millimetric - Will Ever Fall Here Again
Berlin – Metro
Linda Lamb – Hot Room
Sven Vath – Pathfinder
Dopplereffekt – Satellites
DAF – Verscwende Deine Junged

(E.I.) Tell one secret about Equitant that you have never told to anyone?

(E) I keep my secrets to myself!

(E.I.) So tell me a bit more about yourself, such as musical?

(E) (refer to top questions)

(E.I) By the way do you like my questions? Tell me what you think about it!

(E) Sure! very good questions.

(E.I.) You know there are lots of fans of ebm-industrial in the Netherlands and we have organized a contest. And we have received hundreds of questions from your fans and if it is possible you will choose the most interesting one for you.

(E) It’s ok; I will answer all of them for you.

(E.I.) What is the main idea, the message you want to leave to people who listens to you? What is your motto?

(E) Dark Analog Electronique.

(E.I.) I know the first question is always boring but could you introduce yourself and tell us a bit about the stuff that you do?

(E) Equitant – laborer of kold machines.

(E.I.) What’s the name of your band? What’s the origin of that name? Have you changed the band’s name before?

(E) “Equitant”…the name was first used in my previous projects “Equimanthorn” and “Absu”. “Equitant” definition - Straddling or overlapping, as leaves whose bases overlap the leaves above or within them. [Latin equitāns, equitant-, present participle of equitāre, to ride horseback, from eques, equit-, horseman, from equus, horse; see ekwo- in Indo-European roots.]

(E.I.) When you start to record a new album, is all the writing done or does it continue in the studio?

(E) I started my latest release “Dynamism” in January 2009 and just released it in July 09. Though it was only a 5 song EP, my writing process is very slow at times. The creative thoughts and patterns do not come as fast as I would like them to. Then sometimes they flow very quickly. It can be all very up and down.

As for the writing process: I write as I record, nothing is pre written. I will record several tracks or parts for songs, then see what sounds best with the song. Most of the time I only keep what I like, and the rest are deleted.

(E.I.) Where did the concept come from? And what’s planned now that your album is finished? Or anything else you're working on? Tell us a few words about the concept of this Equitant.

(E) The concept for “Dynamism” is an ever-changing activity or process. Various theories or philosophical systems that explain the universe in terms of force or energy.
A process or mechanism responsible for the development or motion of a system. Continuous change, activity, or progress; vigor. "Dynamism" fuses a kold mix of electronic body musik and dark techno.

My plan now is just promoting the release and debuting the new tracks in my live set.

Right now I have been working on a few new remixes for Red Industrie (feat Yasmin Gate), Nad Mika (Germany) and Kaball (Belarus). I am also producing a song for Yasmin Gate’s (Ex-Dirty Princess) debut album. The track is called “You Know What I Want”. In the future I am also planning a project/collaboration with Equitant and Elite! (no title for the project yet) Be on the look out for all of this!

(E.I.) When did you form your band? What inspired you to make music together?

(E) Equitant was formed in 1993…I am the only member of the project.

(E.I.) So tell me about the digital label Black Montanas?


Needless to say, we have a very large range of artists covering all forms of electronic music. What ever you like, we have it!

You can find all of our releases on most major download sites like: Junodownload, Itunes, Rhapsody, Emusic, mp3 and Napster (distributed by The Reliquary). Or you can purchase music directly from us at the Black Montanas mp3 shop or visit

We also license a few of our releases through the Colombia digital label “Black Leather Records” (distributed by Junodownload).

(E.I.) Are you a member of any music organizations?

(E) No, none at this time.

(E.I.) How is the current promotional tour going for supporting this album?

(E) I have not done any promotional tour for the latest release "Dynamism". And I don’t plan on it unless I have offers to play live. I do play here in my city once or twice a month...that is about it though.

(E.I.) What do you think of a modern music and about gothic scene?

(E) I listen to very few new artists, but some would be: David Carretta, Terrence Fixmer, Millimetric, Gesaffelstein, Adriano Canzian, Fixmer and Mccarthy. And anything on the “Space Factory” label I love!

I am not part of a "gothic" scene. Gothic to me is stuff like "Bauhaus". Good band, but I am not part of this genre.

(E.I.) Our usual question - what is gothic for you?

(E) Bauhaus, Siouxie & the Banshees and Sisters of Mercy, the Post-Punk bands of the 80s. Again, good bands, but I have nothing to do with this style or scene.

(E.I.) What was your best live experience so far?

(E) Bogotá, Colombia in November 2008. It was the biggest and most successful show I have played yet. The Colombian scene is very strong, with a large amount of people dedicated to the underground, and all forms of electronic music. Colombia is not what most people think it is (that being dangerous) it’s a great country and very beautiful.

(E.I.) Please list the name, age, school, and respective instrument of each band member.

(E) Equitant: 38 years old, synths, vox, drum machines and fx.

(E.I.) What are your views on the current state of this electro scene in San Antonio | Dallas, Texas in terms of creativity and audiences? And the scene in other countries?

(E) Well, the scene here is the USA is ok I guess. The major cities are good like New York, Chicago, Miami, L.A.…the states are so spread out; it’s not like Europe where you can take a quick flight and be in a city fast. I don’t think this form of music is as popular as it is in Europe here. Europe is just better; it always has been for many forms of music. The artists are better and the people are very attracted to electronic music.. Even in South America, its just bigger than here.

The scene here in Texas is rather small. Our events here in San Antonio would be about 150 to 200 people a night. That is good for this city though..I think it’s better than the other major Texas cities like Dallas, Austin and Houston.

(E.I.) You have very nice album..and many many more. Tell me about lyrical compositions what you can tell about the done work? How does your music creation process work? How do you create a song?

(E) My lyrics deal with futuristic abstract themes mainly. My music creation process begins with drums most of the time. I will write a pattern I like, and then add a bass or synth line to it. Record it, and then see what sounds best with the arrangement. It’s all a very slow layering process that takes time and patience. After I have the basic arrangement I will add sounds or fx, and vocals if the song calls for them.

(E.I.) What genre of music do you consider your work to be? Who are your major influences?

(E) “EBM/Techno/Electro”. Its all a combination of all 3 I guess…major influences would be Kraftwerk!

(E.I.) What do you do to chill out?

(E) Go to the river; take a drive in the mountains, TV, movies, read and sleep.

(E.I.) What is your favorite music? And what is your favorite band?

(E) Electronic music would be “Kraftwerk”, Metal music would be “Bathory”. Rock would be “The Beatles” or “King Crimson”.

(E.I.) Out of all of your albums, or your up coming album, which album would you say is your favorite album? Why?

(E) My latest release “Dynamism” would be my favorite. Why? Maybe because it’s new, fresh and my current music.

(E.I.) So what are their main influences as a band at the moment?

(E) 1980’s electronic music.

(E.I.) What is currently inspiring your material as an artist? Tell me all about the dark scene of San Antonio | Dallas, Texas Verenigde Staten ?

(E) Just to create and be satisfied with my work. That’s what is inspiring to me.

Like I said, the scene here is good, small but good…many people come out to support Equitant and the other Djs I play with.

(E.I.) Do you think that people from the music press didn't expect you to grow up musically?

(E) Most people know me from the "metal" music press. So, I think they didn’t expect me to change total direction in music style, and do a drastic switch to electronic music only. I have changed genres, so growth in another style can only happen naturally, with time.

(E.I.) What is the key to making music for Equitant? And what inspires you to keep growing as a musician?

(E) An endless drive that I have had since I first stated making music…the desire to create and explore sounds.

(E.I.) How do you see the future of download / copyright in area of industrial music? What are the best ways to develop it in your mind?

(E) In these times you cant escape the digital mp3 world. It’s become a very big thing all over the globe. Artists have no control of the free download sites or blogs offering free downloads. It’s too vast to monitor or police this. Sales of mp3s are a good thing I think, it’s a fast way to distribute music all over. But, there is nothing like vinyl or CD, you just can’t beat that.

(E.I.) If there was one thing you want people to know about your band what would that be?

(E) That is for the listener to find for himself or herself.

(E.I.) What do you do in your spare time?

(E) Spend time with my wife and yell at my Dog (hah, no, she is a good Dog, most of the time). Other spare time would be nothing but label work, designs, html and promotion…its never-ending job.

(E.I.) What do you think of its intermingling with the electro, darkwave and EBM scenes? While electro is your main musical pallet, what other music do you listen to?

(E) I like all forms of music, if the artist is doing it right, then it can be good to combine many styles. Sometimes this is not the case though.

I listen to all kinds of music, Metal, Punk, Classical, Electronic, Rock, Progressive/Art Rock..and yes, even some Country music. If I like something I like it, I don’t stay with one genre.

(E.I.) How long have you been in the music industry and how has it changed over time? Now I have to ask, what’s the inspiration for the Equitant story?

(E) I have been in the music industry for almost 20 years now. It has changed with the birth of the Internet. It is much more easy to promote your band these days with things like myspace or facebook. It’s far easier than the old days of doing “real” mail, and waiting weeks to get a response from overseas. And of course these days you have many more musicians than years in the past. It’s a flood of music…

(E.I.) Please let us know about your upcoming plans, some new releases you like to confirm here.

(E) Black Montanas has 2 new releases on the label right now: Red Industrie – Electro Body (feat Yasmin Gate on vocals) and Equitant – Dynamism (feat remixes by Elite!) You can preview these 2 new releases at the Black Montanas myspace or!

Upcoming plans? New releases on my label, playing live and more remix work!

(E.I.) It has been a pleasure to interview you on your musical activity, well, any last words to your ebm-industrial fans?

(E) Thank you very much for your support Ruud! I hope to make it back to The Netherlands one day soon! Maybe even to play…greetings!

(E.I.) And what is next on the San Antonio | Dallas, Texas Verenigde Staten agenda?

(E) More events/shows planned for next month…

(E.I.) Thanks for your time! Great work on the albums and good luck with everything. Any closing remarks you'd like to say to the

(E) Thanks for the interview! Visit us online at:


Friday, July 31, 2009

Equitant interview with H2H4U Radio ( france)

Equitant interview with H2H4U Radio ( france)

Equitant/Black Montanas interview
H2H4U Radio ( France)
August 4th 09

Cromarti Sessions 002

Cromarti Sessions 002 2009.04.14 (Guest Mix) - Holic

Track List
01. Invisible Sounds - The Son Of Summer (RR Dub Edit) [Sick Watona]
02. Lanui - Eli [Brown Eyed Boyz]
03. Rufus K - 3 Am In Thai [Acunadeep]
04. Ethan Wood & Stephan Evans - Destiny (Muttonheads Remix) [Work Machine]
05. Club84 - Sophie (Michael Cassette Mix) [Brandnewvibe]
06. Equitant - Menschheit (Christian Cambas Remix) [Devilock]
07. Sundogs - Primary Key (Proff Redbull Remix) [Brown Eyed Boyz]
08. Dinka - Canonball (Claes Rosen Remix) [Unreleased Digital]
09. Dinka - Civilisation [Anjunadeep]
10. Michael Cassette - Summer [Anjunadeep]

Download here

Thursday, July 23, 2009

RiverWest24 - Killing The Asphalt Mix

1. Equitant- Dynamism (Equitant Remix)
2. Cinnamon Chasers - I Like Watching You (Diamond Cut Remix)
3. Estate - Insecurity Camera
4. POLKA - 1987
5. Jake Island - What If You Wanted More ft. Joanna Christie (Grum Remix)
6. Unique 3 - Take This Love (Monstr Remix)
7. Classixx - Ill Get You ft. Jeppe (Original Mix)
8. The Phantom's Revenge - Saturated Phat Impact (Esto! RMX)
9. Knightlife - Discotirso (Original Mix)
10. CrossOver- Space Death

Download Part I
Download Part II

Source: Juankarlos

Monday, July 20, 2009

Millimetric – Suffoque review @

Millimetric – Suffoque

Millimetric - Suffoque 2009 Kraftwerk trifft Anne Clark!
VÖ: 2009 Label: Black Montanas
Genre: Electroclash, EBM, Techno

Franzosen sind im Allgemeinen wie Speziellen immer für eine Überraschung gut, weshalb diese EP bzw. Single “Suffoque” im kostenpflichtigen Downloadformat auf Black Montanas des Ein-Mann Projektes Millimetric aus Marseille keine Verwunderung auslöst, die zwischen Old School EBM & Electroclash schwankt.

Reine Netlabels wie Black Montanas (Amerika) gehören obwohl der großen Internet- wie Musikbegeisterung nicht zu den Gewinnern der heutigen Konsumlandschaft, weil die Mehrheit, entweder die MP3s kostenlos wünscht oder das Medium zum käuflichen Erwerb konsequent verweigert bzw. ablehnt. Heißt, eine Netveröffentlichung (egal ob kostenfrei oder kostenpflichtig) als Zusatz zu einer CD- bzw. LP Version scheint schlüssig (Sie Celeste aus Frankreich!), aber für ausschließliche Internetpublikationen mit kommerziellen Erfolg ist die Welt bzw. Gesellschaft noch nicht reif, wodurch die 2 Track EP/ Single “Suffoque” über Black Montanas nur einen sehr begrenzten Kundenkreis anspricht bzw. erreicht – Schade!

Hinter Millimetric verbirgt sich François-Xavier Michel, der seit 1988 Tonkunst erzeugt und ab 2002 etliche Remixe & EPs (meist auf Vinyl) veröffentlichte, welche auf unterschiedlichsten Manufakturen erschienen. Besonderen Wert legt der Protagonist auf Tanzbarkeit, weshalb die zu vernehmenden Strukturen des Hauptstückes schlicht ausfallen und sich auf altbewährte Beats der Marken Kraftwerk & Front242 beschränken, wozu die junge französische Chanteuse Drey gefühlvoll à la Anne Clark ins Mikro haucht – sehr fein! Den mitgelieferten Mix des Liedes auf der EP/ Single “Suffoque” erstellte Equitant der Kopf hinter dem Verlag Black Montanas, welcher ehr in Richtung leichter Techno tendiert und mehr den Gesang von Drey in den Vordergrund drängt, wodurch sich eine extreme Ähnlichkeit zu Anne Clark zu ‘Sleeper in Metropolis’ Zeiten eröffnet.


Wer Innovationen für sein persönliches Seelenheil benötigt, darf diese angestaubte EP/Single “Suffoque” von Millimetric direkt beiseite schieben, hingegen eingefleischte Electroclash Fans, die Kraftwerk wie Anne Clark vergöttern, sollten dieses Release antesten und sich vielleicht zulegen.


Equitant – Mekanik review @

Equitant – Mekanik

Equitant-Mekanik 2008 Old School trifft Moderne!
VÖ: 2008 Label: Black Montanas
Genre: EBM, Electro, Techno

Den “Metallern” dürfte der Name Equitant ein Begriff sein, welcher von 1991 bis 2003 bei ABSU die Gitarren & den Bass “quälte” und seit 1993 auch rein synthetische “Mucke” produziert, die zwischen Old School EBM Beats und modernem Techno schwingt.

Wie viele seiner Releases erscheint “Mekanik” und die dazugehörige Veröffentlichung “Mekanik Remix” (Erstellt durch Elite! & Equitant!) über sein hauseigenes Netlabel Black Montanas, welches als Magazin & Vertrieb anfing und sich zur reinen Tonträgermanufaktur im Internet wandelte.

Musikalisch erlebt die geneigte Konsumentenschaft auf “Mekanik” altertümliche Electro- wie EBM Strukturen, welche der Protagonist mit modernen Elementen aus Techno wie Rave koppelte, wodurch die zu vernehmenden Tracks jüngerem wie älterem Publikum gefallen könnten. Im Besonderen bestechen die Stücke durch Eingängigkeit, Tanzbarkeit & eine kühle Gesangslinie, weshalb gerade “Tanzflächenaktivisten” Equitant antesten müssen. Hingegen eingefleischte Old School Electro- wie EBM Fans, sollten vor dem Erwerb (kostenpflichtiger Download) definitiv eine Hörprobe nehmen, um am Ende keinen Fehlkauf zu tätigen.

Als Anspieltipp möchte meine Person den Song ‘Körperwärme’ empfehlen, der durch treibende EBM Beats & eine einnehmende Stimme besticht.


Wer eine flüssige Melange aus EBM, Electro und Techno/ Rave wünscht, die ein Spektrum von über drei Jahrzehnten erfasst, sollte Equitant, den Metaller auf Abwegen, einmal ausprobieren. Hingegen Individuen, die nur Old School oder New School favorisieren, schieben “Mekanik” von Equitant beiseite und wenden sich anderen Publikationen zu.


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sybariticsounds Mix feat Jonathann Cast!

Sybariticsounds Mix feat Jonathann Cast!
Listen here

By: Cybrpunk'd rabbit (Iteration.003)

1. Introduction (Cyberpunk’d rabbit)
2. The Heat is Moving (Isis Signum)
3. Lovesong (Snake River Conspiracy)
4. Hurt Me , Equitant Remix (Jonathan Cast)
5. XXZXCUZX Me (Crystal Castle)
6. Anti-Corrosiva (W.A.R.D.R.O.B.E)
7. Silent War, Rotersand Remix (Agonized by Love)
8. Chassez le tueur! (Travailleur en Trance)
9. Sent to Destroy (Combichrist)
10. Dios, T. Raumschmiere Remix (Dirty Princess)
11. Narkocapsule (Sex:e:reve)
12. Schmerzen (Starfbomber)
13. Die By Number, Remix by Agonized (Ashbury Heights)
14. Tabla Rocker, radio edit (Tactica)
15. Spilling Blood (Necessary Response)
16. Merciless Vain Reign (Amuscia)
17. Finale (Cyberpunk’d rabbit)


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Jonathann Cast - Hurt Me (feat. Drey) lyrics

Many of you have asked for these lyrics, here they are courtesy of Drey

Jonathann Cast - Hurt Me (feat. Drey)

Music by: Cast
Lyrics by: Drey

Hey guy
Can you play?
I want to be your toy tonight
Want you to enjoy to hurt me

Hey girl
Can you play?
I want you to make me high
Want you to have fun with me

Don't you feel my desire?
Don't you want to hurt me honey?
Look at me, watch me i am
So bitchy
So sexy

Don't you feel my desire?
Don't you want to hurt me honey?
Look at me, watch me i am
So bitchy
So sexy
Hurt me

Hey guy
Can you play?
I want to be your toy tonight
Want you to enjoy to hurt me

Hey girl
Can you play?
I want you to make me high
Want you to have fun with me

Hey man
Can you play?
I want to be your sexy girl now
Want you to make me feel dirty

Hey lady
Can you play?
I want you to enjoy the party
Want you to be bad with me

Fais-moi mal !
J’aime ta brutalité
J’aime ta virilité
Fais-moi mal !
Oh fais moi-mal !

Don't you feel my desire?
Don't you want to hurt me honey?
Look at me, watch me i am
So bitchy
So sexy
Hurt me honey

Don't you feel my desire?
Don't you want to hurt me honey?
Look at me, watch me i am
So bitchy
So sexy

Don't you feel my desire?
Don't you want to hurt me honey?
Look at me, watch me i am
So bitchy
So sexy
Hurt me

Hey guy
Can you play?
I want to be your toy tonight
Want you to enjoy to hurt me

Hey girl
Can you play?
I want you to make me high
Want you to have fun with me

Hey man
Can you play?
I want to be your sexy girl now

Fais-moi mal
Oh fais-moi mal
Fais-moi mal
Fais-moi mal

Monday, July 13, 2009

Red Industrie - Electro Body feat Yasmin Gate (including Equitant & Elite! Remix) OUT NOW!

ARTIST: Red Industrie
TITLE: Electro Body
CAT #: BM093
FORMAT: Digital MP3
NOTES: Includes re-written/remixes by Elite! & Equitant (Vocals by Yasmin Gate & Helder Camberos). Original “Electro Body” mix appears on the album “Ciencia Ficcion” (Advanced-Synergy) written by Helder Camberos.

The Red Industrie "Electro Body" release has combined 4 of the leading producers in the worldwide electro techno and EBM scene for a special release on the American digital label "Black Montanas". Helder Camberos, Yasmin Gate, Elite! And Equitant all unite to bring forth a powerful release of dark pounding dance floor destruction.

Red Industrie is an alter ego of Helder Camberos from Isis Signum. Teamed with live member Hilda Moran on computers, programing, senquencing: special fx and aditional vox. For the debut album entitled "Ciencia Ficcion" (Advanced - Synergy) Red Industrie invited guest Yasmin Gate (former member of Dirty Princess) on vocals for the hit single "Electro Body". The influences and roots of Red Industrie are rooted deep in the underground scene and science fiction themes. The music is inspired by The Horrorist, Nitzer Ebb, Scandy, The Hacker, Fad Gadget, Moev and Tiga.

Yasmin Gate started her career as a solo player after being part of Dirty Princess over seven years. In 2004, “Jugar al Revés” was released by Mad Dildo and remixed by Roman Flüguel (Alter Ego) and Ai (Teamtendo). That very same year, Dirty Princess was announced as the best live band and the best-unreleased album by the National Radio of Spain. Towards the end of 2004, Dj Hell invited them to take part in the booking of Gigolo Records. In 2005 they released their second reference Mad02, which comprises “Mesca y Lina” and “Going going”, the former remixed by Miguel Mendoza, Federico Stuart, Big Toxic and the latter by The Freelance Hellraiser. In 2006 they presented their first DVD “Body Control Tour 2003-2005” a compiled version of all the concerts given across Europe, it also features some footage of their visual screenings, unpublished scenes and a very interesting photo gallery. In 2007, they released the third reference Mad03, with the remix “Dios” by T. Raumschmiere (Shitkatapult), Adriano Canzian and Leandro Gámez. In 2008 they launched their new reference Mad04 with the remixes of “Marine” by David Carretta (Space Factory), “Vigilan” by the Australian Team Plastique, besides featuring the original versions of “Marine” and “ Proceso”. Now she ventures onto the dance floors on her own, releasing her first reference “No Fear” under David Carretta’s label “Space Factory”. The Gate has opened; get your ears ready, there is a live show coming soon for you not to stop dancing.

Elite! is an EBM project which was founded in 2007 (Duesseldorf, Germany). After moving over to France we decided to bring our music to another level! Out of the basement straight into your ears and legs! We make music about steel, work, sex and muscles.Taking influences from early 80's EBM artists like Die Krupps, DAF and Zoth Ommog. Elite's sound is like non other.. Elite! is exactly what it say it is: Elite! This France based old school EBM act presents more DAF and Nitzer Ebb style the way it was back in its glory days, than most today's bands do. Especially early DAF influence is more rare in modern EBM, but Elite! proves that wrong through such stand-out tracks as "Harte Liebe" and "Mein Mädchen".

Best known for his guitar/bass executions in the extreme metal trio Absu, Equitant has been performing synthesizer-based music since 1993. Equitant's remixing abilities surfaced in 2006, creating memorable remixes for many artists such as: Electroflex, Fake Fur, Starchaser Network, The Dealers, Giving For The Call, Maxx Klaxon, Lethargy, Stamba, Leggo, Plastic Machine, Nexus 6, TK8, Scorpio, Kitsch, Nadia Sohaei, Elite!, Jonathann Cast, Other Aspect, Sindrome, Reizstrom, Miss Duckin' and Millimetric. 2007 brought the resurrection of Equitant's label "Black Montanas". A digital net label helping to provide worldwide digital distribution and representation for independent artists of an electro, techno, EBM and experimental variety. Artists include: Equitant, Starchaser Network, Adolf Filter, Scorpio, Future, Dr. Siak, Uniflux, Crotaphytus, Raw Mechanics, Franck Kartell, Katelectro, The Breakwaters, Other Aspect, Jauzas the Shining, Jonathann Cast, Dr. Lovelock, Elite!, Zhark, Svart1, X-In, Wave Tank, Moon Disco, Electroberlin, Crossover, Millimetric, Miss Dickin', Galaxian, Korporation, Mysterium, Valerio Orlandini, Tesla Monophonic, Eldar and Trifid Nebula, NOVO and Nexus 6. In June 2008 Equitant's remix of Jonathann Cast's "Hurt Me" (featuring Drey) was released on the Futureclash 2 compilation by Advanced Synergy Records (Mexico) along side well known artists such as : Neon Electronics vs The Hacker, Lethargy, Dirty Princess, Nexus – 6, Terence Fixmer, Team Plastique and People Theatre. Remember: Equitant creates a delicious cocktail of retro and dark techno/electro - mental yet maniacal.

Preview the release here
Download the Red Industrie Biography here
Red Industrie @ myspace
Yasmin Gate @ myspace
Equitant @ myspace
Elite! @ myspace

Monday, July 6, 2009

Equitant - Dynamism EP Out Now On Black Montanas!

Equitant - Dynamism EP

1. Any of various theories or philosophical systems that explain the universe in terms of force or energy. 2. A process or mechanism responsible for the development or motion of a system. 3. Continuous change, activity, or progress; vigor.

Equitant's "Dynamism" fuses a kold mix of electronic body musik and dark techno/electro. Including two remixes by the master of modern day EBM, Pascal Z (aka Elite!).

Visit the Dynamism mini site to listen and purchase:

ARTIST: Equitant
TITLE: Dynamism EP
CAT #: BM085
FORMAT: Digital MP3

Black Montanas @ myspace
Equitant @ myspace
Elite! @ myspace

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Controlo Radio #91

Millimetric - Suffoque (Equitant Remix) | 2009 | Black Montanas
Absolute Body Control - Never Seen | 2008 | DAFT Records
Trial - I Speak To You | 2008 | Maxsoniq Recordings
Reaver - Evisceration | 2009 | Radio-Active-Music
Uberbyte - Manifest(o) | 2009 | Crunch Pod
Noisuf-X - Hit me Hard (X-Fusion Remix) | 2009 | ProNoize
Wertstahl - Kampfer | 2009 | Danse Macabre
Alien Vampires - Hell Descent | 2009 | BLC Productions
V2A - Stahl-Tanz | 2009 | Biohazzard Records
Prometheus Burning - Realm Of Thee Divine | 2009 | Crunch Prod

Download here
So It Sounds | Controlo Radio

WAD Radio

01 - tRaumschmiere - e
02 - melodik pinpon - die katzen (charles kent rmx)
03 - tk8 - bohemian groove (equitant rmx)
04 - stendeck - the thin light between the trees
05 - aratkiLo - afraid redux
06 - mrs.jynx - silky
07 - mrs.jynx - icecreamvanman
08 - Imiafan - Epidemia
09 - hong kong counterfeit - black leather girl
10 - Flying Bodies - Transformer
11 - carl a. finlow - conflict
12 - Pink Bazooka - Miauuuuu (Elektrische.TV remix)
13 - Trifid Nebula - Immateriel
14 - Starchaser Network - Black Martini (Equitant Remix)

Download here

Monday, June 8, 2009

Reizstrom "Ghost" EP (including Equitant Remix) free download

REIZSTROM "Ghost" EP - Including Equitant's remix of "And You Came"

You can download the release on Hotfile or on Uploadbox. 5 new tracks + 3 remixes by (EGOAMP/EQUITANT/VAMPIRER) from "Zettel am Zeh" title.

Free download from Uploadbox:
Free download from Hotfile:

Reizstrom @ myspace
Reizstrom website

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sindrome - We Won't...

Sindrome - We Won't Say Fuck (including Equitant Remix) out now on Black Leather Records!
order here

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Black Leather Records Re-releases

Re-released by Black Leather Records

1. SUFFOQUE (Feat Drey)

Available @ Junodownload


Available @ Junodownload

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Electro Bosom.Buddies Music released!

The anhalt ebm compilation from Electro Arc is released since a couple of days ago. The fine thing with it is that you can digitally buy it for a very acceptable price, here.. (This site requires a registration, and for some reason it doesn't allow to pick a country other than Germany and two others - my solution to that was to just go with Deutschland and type in 10000 as post code).

Electro Bosom.Buddies Music is a very fine release. Some of the tracks have been heard before, others were quite new. You can hear a sample of each song on the album download page and make an opinion yourself. Eine Tasse Jäger blog was especially fond of Ad:KeY - Aggro's Baby, A.D.A.C. 8286 - Sport Frei, Hagen's Brut - Angst, Digital Factor - Dopamin, and Frontal - Aus und Vorbei. But in general, all of the songs on this compilation are quality pieces, each doing a very nice work to represent the band it's from. Musically, you get a mix of electro punk, slower more tough anhalt EBM, faster hard beating minimal electronics, and straight forward EBM, with some entirely new less known bands as well as veterans.

Bands included are: Ad:KeY, Guerrilla, Darkmen, Dupont, Severe Illusion, A.D.A.C. 8286, Kraft, Ionic Vision, Elite!, Hagen's Brut, Spark!, Body Pleasure, Equitant, UGH...!, Digital Factor, Struck 9, Judge: Dred (The Blister Exists), Standgericht, and Frontal.

Electro Arc made a fine compilation which suits as an introduction album about oldschool influenced EBM in general, and a nice exclusive collection, which will suit any EBM fan.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Equitant @ Club Atomix

Equitant @ Club Atomix San Antonio Texas 4-25-09 part 1
Parts 2-4 here

Millimetric Feat. Drey - Suffoque Review

Millimetric Feat. Drey - Suffoque E.P. (Including Equitant Remix) – BM089

It seems like there’s one fresh outing per week on underground Black Montanas e-label and who would complain? Continuing its exploration of Electro music under its most diverse forms ranging from Electronica to Techno passing through experimental, abstract or ambient, the San Antonio and Dallas located audio platform for worldwide Internet artists serves up a brand new two tracker digital pack introducing the debut E.P. of French activist Millimetric.

Following X, Darank, Fancyman, Raw Mechanics, Miss Duckin’ or Elite’s refine releases. Versatile Marseilles based François-Xavier Michel demonstrates that he’s not a newcomer on the Electro - IDM scene, having written since 2002 some strong vinyl hits on fame structures such as Goodlife, Properproud, Uwe, Sonic Groove or Things to Come just to name.

On the “Suffoque E.P”, The Hacker and David Carretta’s fellow partner presents a noir minimalistic dancefloor affair, breaking the boundaries between old school electronic and much anticipated audio fields. Injecting in his track his early influences imprinted from EBM and New beat registers (Front 242, Liaisons Dangereuses, Camouflage, D.A.F, Klinik), Millimetric delivers a gothic disillusioned piece, cold, dark yet groovy, sparsed with gloomy heading French vocals from the like of Drey (Amazone Audio, Advanced Synergy). Exactly the kind of sounds to find on his “Experiences Modernes” first CD album issued two months ago on M-Tronic label. Lethal!

Coming next is an awesome dehumanized rework of “Suffoque” by Black Montanas mastermind Equitant (Black Leather, Tarot, Devilock Records). Waiting for his “Dynamism E.P.” to be released very soon! The US heavyweight producer turns the original into a massive 80’s synthesized anthem, made of vintage drums, devil programming, atmospheric layers à la Moroder, some great bubbling effects in the background. Timeless, dark, inspired and electronic at the same time! Rush on this virtual box, you won’t regret it! Format: digital Mp3, electro

Review by: Nexus 6
Nexus 6 @ myspace
Millimetric @ myspace

Friday, April 24, 2009

Red Industrie - Electro Body (feat. Yasmin Gate)

Coming soon on Black Montanas!

Written by Helder Camberos
Vocals by Helder Camberos
Guest female vocals by Yasmin Gate (Ex - Dirty Princess)

01. Electro Body (Elite! remix)
02. Electro Body (Equitant remix)

Red Industrie @ myspace
Yasmin Gate @ myspace

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Leggo vs Equitant - Electro Noir Free Download

Leggo vs Equitant - Electro Noir 2007
Free download here

The haunting fun begins with Leggo’s Ich Bin Ein Berliner Remix of Hauptstadt and hold back, it does not. Taking the original broken beat gem and driving it deep into flanged out vowel sound madness. Equitant’s original version of Haupstadt is a moody and highly textured 5 ¾ minutes. This one would make a great soundtrack to Terminator 4, with it’s dark apocalyptic synths and storming drums that command the listener’s attention thru the entirety of its intense journey. Next, Equitant reworks Leggo’s Ride On into another mid-tempo stalker. Tension builds over the whole arrangement, finally dropping a 4/4 kick for a climactic end to a haunting and uncompromising number. Wrapping things up is Leggo’s original Ride On with piercing hi-hats and punishing synth work its sure to send the evening into total disarray.

Source: Stir Sound

Plastic Machine - NY-Paris Remixes Free Dowload

Plastic Machine's "Ny Paris Remixes" 2006 feat. Equitant Remix!
Free download here

The original Plastic Machine version took us by storm when we heard it. The melodic bass and synth lines, super sharp drums and atmospheres are not to be missed. Equitant’s remix brings it down hard with a very aggressive take on the track. This one will have you bangin’ your fist in the air with it’s hard beat and variations on the synth sounds. Leggo’s Danger on the Road mix shakes it out with a nice hard break beat and acid style synth. Sevenfive gives as a little more room to breath with his twisted breaks and subdued bass line. This mix almost borders with a bit of an IDM feel but still very much in the electro realm.

Source: Stir Sound

Monday, April 13, 2009

Anonymat Electronique 14

Radio Show from FX of Millimetric

Feat. Equitant, Huntemann & Winter feat Xenia Beliayeva, CCIS, David Carretta, Faustian, Le Syndicat Electronique, Marco Asoleda & Drey, Decades, Starchaser Network, Medio Mutante, Cabaret Voltaire, 2VM, Deux, Set Up System, Soft Cell, Luke Eargoggle, Nine Circles, Communication and Notstandkomitee.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Equitant - Illusion II BMVideo_001A

Millimetric - Suffoque

Millimetric - Suffoque (Equitant Remix)

[\\WMM] :: electro|decay mix

w.a.r.d.r.o.b.e. || anti-corrosiva (strafbomber club edit)
sex:e:reve || narkocapsule (deadly luka’s rework)
lia organa & electric prince || indigo (single version)
ayria || invisible
jonathan cast feat. drey || hurt me (equitant remix)
isis signum feat. sara noxx || the heat is moving (lia organa & electric prince remix)
angelspit || 100% (combichrist rawmix)
scandy || it’s wicked (vocal remix by combichrist)
32crash || isomodia (egoboost mix by implant)
neon electronics vs. the hacker || better way (12” version)
starfbomber schmerzen (radio mix)
northern lite || my pain
iamx || nightlife (single)
tactica || tabla rocker (radio edit)
replicant || chant 64

Download here

VA - Futureclash 2 (2008)


01 Isis Signum Feat. Sara Noxx - The Heat Is Moving (Lia Organa & Electric Prince Remix)
02 Neon Electronics Vs. The Hacker - Better Way (12" Version)
03 Jonathan Cast Feat. Drey - Hurt Me (Equitant Remix)
04 Tactica - Tabla Rocker (Radio Edit)
05 Lethargy - Kaos (Radio Version)
06 Dirty Princess - Dios (T. Raumschmiere Remix)
07 Nexus-6 Feat. The Virus - Party Doll
08 Team Plastique - Faux Foe
09 Terence Fixmer - Mental Science
10 Neo Filigrante - A Fact Of Tragedy
11 Agonised By Love - Silent War (Rotersand Remix)
12 W.A.R.D.R.O.B.E. - Anti-Corrosiva (Strafbomber Club Edit)
13 Starfbomber - Schmerzen (Radio Mix)
14 Sex:e:reve - Narkocapsule (Deadly Luka's Rework)
15 Lia Organa & Electric Prince - Indigo (Single Version)
16 People Theatre - Better (Foretaste Remix)
17 Destroid - Friend Or Foe (No Wave Mix)

Download here

Saturday, April 11, 2009

REIZSTROM "And You Came" (Equitant Remix)

Equitant's remix of the German act REIZSTROM "And You Came" (Equitant Remix) can be heard

REIZSTROM ist das Produkt zweier Künstler, die in Ihren Lebensjahren schon mehrere Musik-Projekte hatten und noch haben, aber als sich ME und SKIP INTRO über MySpace kennen lernten und die örtliche Nähre auch zu einem persönlichen Kontakt einlud, wurde bald dieses EBM-Projekt ins Leben gerufen.

Die gemeinsame Liebe zur musikalischen Härte und Melodie lies REIZSTROM wachsen und gedeien, man lies die Drums und den Bass für sich sprechen, und am Ende verabreichte ME der Musik mit seinem unverwechselbaren Gesang die nötige Portion Gänsehaut, um den Songs die neuartige Einmaligkeit des gemeinsamen Schaffens zu verabreichen.

REIZSTROM haben nun Ihre erste CD "Zettel am Zeh" in Eigenregie zu veröffentlicht, hoffen eines Tages einen Plattenvertrag zu ergattern und die Szene mit Ihrer Live-Anwesenheit zu beglücken, aber haltet einfach Ausschau auf unserer Homepage oder unserer MySpace Seite, wir werden euch über alles auf dem laufenden halten! Ein Webshop ist auch schon eingeplant, wo es dann unsere CD und sonstige Artikel geben wird.
Reizstrom @ myspace

Friday, April 10, 2009


1. Any of various theories or philosophical systems that explain the universe in terms of force or energy.
2. A process or mechanism responsible for the development or motion of a system.
3. Continuous change, activity, or progress; vigor.

The new EP from Equitant coming soon on Black Montanas (with remixes by Elite!)