Thursday, January 31, 2013

Inside The Volcano Vol. 1. feat. Equitant's Di Minantz Di Inferni (Complete Control Productions)

Inside The Volcano Vol. 1. CCP2CD001 V/A 2013 - Complete Control Productions (Sweden) feat. Equitant's Di Minantz Di Inferni (2009)

Extreme heat and pressure. Glowing, pulsating. An environment that has the ability to create as well as destroy. Complete Control Productions are very proud to welcome you Inside The Volcano. A compilation where young, hot, electro punk acts like Schwefelgelb, Agent Side Grinder and Petra Flurr+Modernista demonstrate how to take a cue from old school influences and still sound totally fresh and thrilling. Industrial legends Portion Control, Ike Yard and Gerechtigkeits Liga refused to follow the herd when they started out at the dawn of the 1980s. They still do, and they remain as relevant and exciting as ever. Techno heroes Thomas P Heckmann, The Horrorist and Adriano Canzian have all contributed crushing dance tracks where old school EBM and furious techno fuse seamlessly. Also represented on Inside The Volcano is the new breed of leftfield dance music with mind blowing tracks from Equitant, Friherren, Diamond Skull District and K-Nitrate. Organic’s dark and beautiful alternative rock is firmly rooted in their post-punk past, while Atomic Playboy and Infiltrator bludgeon listeners into submission with dirty electronics and psychotic howls. The paranoid machine funk of //TENSE// and The Pain Machinery aims for the body as well as the mind, showing why they are at the forefront of the new wave of electronic body music currently wreaking havoc on dancefloors all over the world. Severe Illusion, Arzt+Pfusch, Guilt Trip and NTRSN are expert purveyors of dark, cold electro whereas Solvent and Emu Bomb infuse their darkness with a strong pop sensibility. Most of these 24 tracks are exclusive for this compilation. A few have only been released on vinyl before and some will be featured on upcoming releases.

Release date: March 8, 2013. Pre-order:

Track list
Disc 1
01 Petra Flurr+Modernista - Krawall
02 Portion Control - Punch
03 Solvent feat. Adam Killing – Red And Metal
04 Ike Yard – Shiva Virus
05 The Pain Machinery - Inferno
06 Gerechtigkeits Liga - Voelkermord 3
07 Emu Bomb - Desperado
08 NTRSN – Fading Sunlight
09 Organic - People
10 Agent Side Grinder - Life In Advance (Crash Course in Science Remix)
11 Friherren – Sernas Invitation
12 Adriano Canzian - I'm Not Sorry (Original Version)

Disc 2
01 Severe Illusion - Hymn To The Airport Paranoids
02 Arzt+Pfusch - Fuck You Reality
03 Atomic Playboy feat. Infiltrator - Atomic Playboy
04 The Horrorist - Heart of Steel
05 //TENSE// - Disconnect Myself (Wanzer RMX)
06 Schwefelgelb – Irgendwo Vereint (November Edit)
07 Equitant - Di Minantz Di Inferni
08 Guilt Trip - Tick Tock Boom
09 Infiltrator – Intermission 02.2
10 K-Nitrate - Autoslave
11 Thomas P Heckmann - Herzschlag
12 Diamond Skull District – War Is Imminent

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

OUT NOW! Equitant - Body Vehement Remixes (Act I & II) BM125 - Black Montanas

OUT NOW! Equitant - Body Vehement Remixes (Act I & II) BM125 - Black Montanas

Featuring remixes by: Canzian, Carretta & Workerpoor, Electrosexual, Equitant, Indira Paganotto, Lia Organa & Electric Prince, Tkuz, Elite!, Illumine Concrete, Alexander Robotnick, Cole Black, Jordan Passmore, Life For Dead, The Populists, People Theatre, Bhasmantam, Dylan McBride, Fabio Scognamiglio, Fat Bastian, Overdriver, Skinovthenight, Strange Connection. Featuring vocals by: Equitant, Lea X, Yasmin Gate, Bastian & Illumine Concrete. Preview & purchase @ soundcloud/junodownload:

Equitant - Body Vehement Remixes (Act I & II) Set by Equitant Remixed

Equitant – Body Vehement Review @ ReGen Magazine

If you’re someone who’s looking for a new soundtrack to play master and servant with, look no further than Equitant’s Body Vehement. Although this seven track EP is lyrically simplistic and musically repetitive, it creates a dark and looming atmosphere great for dancing or for dirty deeds. Aside from the audio sexuality embodied on Body Vehement, it appears as if Equitant has added yet another way to express emotion through its music. Returning to lend vocals on this EP are Lea X, Yasmin Gate, and Bastian – all have worked with Equitant in the past and continue to lend creative and new ways to enhance the music. Without the alluring and seductive vocals, Body Vehement would be rather stale.

The EP opens with the title track and draws you in with rapid synths and strong yet whispery vocals. There’s a gloomy undertone that runs the entire duration of the track, giving chills to the listener. The sexual yet sensual lyrics mesh well with the darkness of the track. If you’ve heard Equitant before, you’re no stranger to Yasmin Gate, the vocalist on “Let Me Be On.” In 2009, Gate and Equitant created a massive dance floor hit called “That’s All.” In 2012, they’ve created a more subtle yet grooving tune. Much like “Body Vehement,” the vocals are whispery and the music is repetitive, but in all the right ways. This track is a must for fetish ball set lists. The two versions of “Dynamique” are the same song, but dramatically different at the same time due to the vocals. When sung by Lea X, the song takes on a more pop/disco feel, but however sounds somehow more mysterious when Bastian is the one singing. Despite the music being identical, the songs sound entirely different due to the mood the singers set. Lea’s vocals are pure and clear and just outright beautiful. Bastian sings in French, which seems to fit the sexual motif Body Vehement produces. “Das Menschliche Rennen” is a German track featuring Illumine Concrete, adding more culture to an already cultured piece of work and gives the entire EP a little more punch. It doesn’t tend to exhume the same sexual nature the rest of Body Vehement does, but it’s the most danceable track on it. The bouncy beats heard during this song resemble those of an old school Nitzer Ebb album – it’s catchy, fun, and will likely get stuck in your head for hours.

Overall, this is a stellar release for only seven songs. A little more variety would have been preferred in place of a couple of the remixes, but that’s really the only complaint here. For its dark, sexual, and danceable beats, this EP is perfect for the bedroom or the underground nightclub.

by: Grant V. Ziegler (GVZ)