Friday, June 15, 2018

Black Gloves III - by Parasols / Antoni Maiovvi - Including "Shivers" (Equitant Remix)

Black Gloves III - by Parasols / Antoni Maiovvi @ bandcamp - Including "Shivers (Equitant Remix)" listen here

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1. Parasols - Body Parts 04:45
2. Parasols - White Shadow 03:26
3. Parasols - Body Parts (Unit Black Flight Remix) 05:18
4. Antoni Maiovvi - Shivers 06:44
5. Shivers (Equitant Remix) 06:37

The franchise goes one cut deeper as Parasols AKA Ali Renault and Antoni Maiovvi team up on this dark as hell during an eclipse set of grime soaked grease sleazers. Parasols throws forth two sharp as blades numbers with a guest appearance by the one and only Unit Black Flight with his first ever remix. Antoni Maiovvi closes things with something from the vaults, the 808 and sub bass sleekness of Shivers, remixed by Black Metal EBM overlord Equitant. Guaranteed nightclub nightmares as we put on the gloves one more time…

Equitant - The Circle Of Agurak CD Reissue / original demo tracks + unreleased tracks from 1993 (Label:Faust)

The first release on Faust, a dungeon synth sub-label of Old Captain. The first US dungeon synth recording back from 1993 by a great artist, Equitant, formerly a member of Absu. The album in fact features his former bandmates Proscriptor (flute), Shaftiel (voice). A 10 track solo debut of a genuine occvlt tradition. Original demo tracks + unreleased tracks from 1993.

FCD01 Equitant – The Circle Of Agurak CD // PRE-ORDER at a SPECIAL PRICE! Preview "The Fallen Walls Of Agurak (A Time Of Misery) Part I" & "The Fallen Walls Of Agurak (A New Beginning) Part II" @bandcamp