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Why go to Equitant? // Some words about me @ (Colombia)

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Why go to Equitant?

Much has been seen on social networks about the coming of Equitant Bogota and Medellin, some have reference and other artists have definitely never heard. Why take a chance on this event and attend the live performance of Ray Heflin, also known as Equitant? Here are a few reasons that might persuade:

1. An artist that produces and cleverly mixes music Techno, Electro and EBM. His influences reflect clearly the likes of DAF, and is backed by the seal of EBM more important today: EK PRODUCT (home of cult bands like Escalator or Vomito Negro, through other recognized as Autodafeh, Tech Nomader, to name a few).

2. Because if it is not the first time that Equitant visit to Colombia, it is certain that many have not had the opportunity to accompany him on his live. Side-Line Magazines and say it is one of the great promises of modern EBM worldwide. Side-Line has provided the growth of many artists who are now giants in the industrial and Gothic move, and we are sure you are not mistaken in this new statement / prediction, so we should take a giant in the near future is to conquer our ears and turn our senses in various types of dance.

3. Because his music is rich in beats, aggressive bass lines and all that resulted in a real rush of energy for our bodies. One thing to hear songs that bristle our skin from our mp3 players, but quite another to those songs resonate with power in an event dedicated to making us feel the music in the deepest part of our nerves and that is the core business of Equitant. However, only Equitant will see to that. In Bogotá, Darkling, Bluekim, Sonic, James Hates Us & Delectro - U know very well how to make us enjoy electronic music of the highest quality. Similarly, in Medellin Blackangel and excellence P01SED know how to make the dance floor vibrate.

4. Because rare are the times you visit us artists who promote these dark sounds of electronic music. Last year we visited Al Ferox & The Horrorist and this year will Equitant and depends on each of us that those who come are those who have always expected. Bogotá becomes a great place for musicians dedicated to these genres thanks to the efforts of groups such as Industrial Complex, but also thanks to the support of the audience, which is the raw material of an event of any kind.

5. Because it is an event that promises to be an unforgettable party. A Equitant will accompany huge talent and DJs who are promoted locally these sounds. They deserve our support because, as we see great artists beginning to come to our country as Mr. Ray Heflin, also dream of the great promises of Colombia can show their talent beyond national borders - although we know that more than one of these artists has already done it and are proud of them!

6. Because the attendance at these events simply translates to events of major proportions, is a very simple formula and allows all our dreams can eventually become reality.

7. Because we could positively surprised we do not know much. We are sure that in many cases, we hear the music we listen because we decided to venture to make new sounds that ultimately satisfies our insatiable hunger for proper shade and rhythms with the most accurate feelings. Risking know and enjoy in terms of music is always win.

If we come up with more points will enlarge and update this list of points, but we hope that our personal opinion allows them a view of what this event is for us, and no doubt also of what could become if all of you, readers of this article, decided to risk, attend, enjoy and dance until the body does not respond.

May 16th 2014 (Bogotá) Complejo Industrial Presents
MAYO 16 de 2014 (Bogotá) Complejo Industrial Presenta
May 17th 2014 (Medellín) Monster's Presents
MAYO 17 de 2014 (Medellín) Monster's Presenta

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Monster's Presents // Equitant - Live Retrospekt May 17th 2014 (Medellín Colombia)

May 17th 2014 (Medellín) Monster's Presents
MAYO 17 de 2014 (Medellín) Monster's Presenta

Equitant (USA)
EK Product/Black Montanas/Black Leather Records/Space Factory/Tarot Productions

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