Monday, August 2, 2010

Jonathann Cast - No More Pain feat Demetra Vox (Equitant Remix) Out Now on Black Montanas!

Jonathann Cast - No More Pain feat Demetra Vox (Equitant Remix) BM109 Out Now on Black Montanas! Available @ Juno Download & Black Montanas MP3 Shop! preview @ soundcloud

Review of MT.SIMS "Revaluation" E.P (by Jim Noir)

Few months after the publication of its last excellent opus " Happily Ever After... Again ", MT.SIMS presents his new E.P " Revaluation " on the great post-love/pre-orgasm italian label : Punch Records. Notice to the fetishists and the amateurs of beautiful objects (in these currents times where the digital download is regrettably a king),this new E.P of Mt. SIMS appears under the shape of a magnificent marbled vinyl , true collector's object besides because it is strictly limited to 330 hand-numbered copies. This summer release will pour in your lounge and\or on the clubs's dance floors , a refreshing black aura, real blow of blizzard in full heat wave ! On 12'' "Revaluation"E.P, 3 tracks of the previous opus are dissected, ground and remixed by diverse artists of varied musical horizons. The original version of " Fragile Breaks Fragile " opens the ball , divine catchy song , brilliantly dark ,this track will bewitch you for sure with its magnetics ,strongs & beautiful lyrics "...We put ourselves in danger, knowing too much, feeling too much, we break ourselves in a collision..." Christopher Kah, famous French artist of the electro-techno old school alternative scene reinvent this same track with its very personal musical decorum: great weird obsessive technoids rythm ,hard beats with addictive analog synths sounds bring a new dimension to " Fragile Breaks Fragile ": successful mission. The american Magas proposes a second reading,sort of minimal-electro-punk version of "Fall Apart", rich in rough analogicals pulsations ,his cover is completely different from the original version (very post-punk/death-rock / batcave.), a very interesting cover. On the face B of the vinyl, pleasant surprises continue with the excellent remix of the subversive italian Adriano Canzian of "Unwound" who signs probably one the most interesting cover of the E.P; he transfigures totally the down-tempo and freezing rythm of the original to take it on territories or you can drown yourselves in the sweat of the dancefloor with a huge blast of electro-technoids distortions and harsh beats : the perfection is near !
The Americans of Crossover and Equitant (project led by Ray Heflin, boss of the very good Black Montanas label) will prefer to reinterpret "Unwound" with the blackness and the catchy icy flavor of the original stuff. Crossover ,with a lot of, talent widened the atmosphere by bringing terrible reverbs and experimental ghostly sounds of the most beautiful effect,a threatening and intriguing good cover.
Equitant preserves his electro-techno-minimal /cold-E.B.M sound which makes its popularity but prefers to remain on the weft musical of the subtle original song.
Equitant takes a malicious delight in slowing down the track while keeping a somber dancy interesting rythm by bringing magnificents synthetics spatials waves making all the charm of his cover. The often risky & dangerous exercise of doing remixes is widely successful here. Try an another 'clair-obscur' visitation of the original tracks of Matt Sims cause a true revaluation & a real new interpretation of his world are assured by the subtility & the quality of each remixers.
Thus if you want to dance in the sweatiness of the summer, turn all your lights off, turn your speakers at full volume, remove any sharps objects from your immediate reach...unless of course you like to dance on glass.
" Revaluation" is coming !