Saturday, April 23, 2011

Scorpio – Enemy Detector (Equitant Remix) included on " Compilation Vol. 1" Compilation Vol. 1:

The music portal is supporting commendable efforts by the Greek general shapes of the dark-electro-industrial scene.
The collection contains 12 tracks and 2 bonus tracks. 500 copies will be distributed free in the clubs of Athens, Thessaloniki and Patras. The first 200 copies will be distributed in the United XII, on 27/10/2009 (Second Skin Club). Compilation Vol. 1:

Siva Six – Fire Walks With Me ( Remix By Dark Soho)
Iambia – 299 Hits (Phucking Shite Mix)
Cygnotic – Neva55
Preemptive Strike 0.1 - Preemptive Strike
Blue Birds Refuse To Fly – Waiting For The Fall
Scorpio – Enemy Detector (Equitant Remix)
Technolorgy – FireDance
Dirty Granny Tales – Didi’s Show
Arkane – Siberia Allure
Mani Deum – Thy Will Be Done Through Her
Glimmer Void – Death’s Way
The Illusion Fades – Fear For Love

Bonus Tracks
Man And Machines – Blood, Guts, Rhythm And Steel
Art Abscon(s) – Freie Felder