Saturday, September 17, 2016

Equitant - Operative (Delectro Remix) - Extracto

Coming in 2016! Equitant - Operative Remixes // Black Montanas Digital BM127 // featuring remixes by: Millimetric, Adriano Canzian, Delectro, Po1sed, Struck 9, Zastranienie & Equitant.

Equitant - The Great Lands of Minas Ithil 1994 Cassette by Hollow Myths


Official, limited and exclusive Cassette version re-issue of Equitant - The Great Lands of Minas Ithil by Hollow Myths.

Recorded on the night of August 13th, 1994 at Thy Moon Eternal Studios.
Produced by Equitant and Black Mass Prayer.
Equitant Ifernain (King Agurak) - synths, lyrics, effects, voice
Black Mass Prayer - synths, effects
Shaftiel (lord of all Shadows) - narrator, effects, voice

First era Ritual Dark Ambient / Medieval / Dungeon Synth from the US.

Made from the original master tape.
Includes Poster and Insert with the tale of Agurak.
The first 16 copies will come with an antique opalescent teardrop stickpin.
The first 9 copies will also come with a red Ulbrik Mandrak Star stone.
"Argatha-Shuggdu-Nabbu gla oth-Negus"
8 USD @ Hollow Myths

Equitant - The Great Lands of Minas Ithil T- Shirt (Hollow Myths)

The Official Equitant - The Great Lands of Minas Ithil shirt from Hollow Myths to accompany the exclusive cassette release.* Black ink on a stark white shirt. Designed by Canrith Knox. Perfect fit shirts and hoods, stellar print job and delivered in a flash! Purchase here