Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Kontravoid - Impurities Remixes // Including Equitant Remix

/// Coming soon: Kontravoid - Impurities Remixes - Including Original Mix, Alixander III Remix + Equitant Remix ///

You don't exactly expect hard techno-EBM coming from Texas...

You don't exactly expect hard techno-EBM coming from Texas (USA) and yet Equitant is a project that has actually been active since the early 1990’s. Equitant stands for high-tech and modern techno-EBM and can be defined as an offspring between bands like Nitzer Ebb & DAF at one side, and a darkened Giorgio Moroder at the other. You can hear what is some of the hardest beats in old school EBM, with a touch of old school techno, and a great deal of hard energy stemming from traditional 1980's electronic music. The mix of both styles is simply irresistible and injects a refreshing boost to the traditional electronic music of today.

Coming soon on EK Product // Equitant "Retrospekt 2008-2013" // A compilation documenting the past five years of Equitant music. Release Date: 27/12/2013 // Format: Digipak CD & Digital