Sunday, April 26, 2009

Equitant @ Club Atomix

Equitant @ Club Atomix San Antonio Texas 4-25-09 part 1
Parts 2-4 here

Millimetric Feat. Drey - Suffoque Review

Millimetric Feat. Drey - Suffoque E.P. (Including Equitant Remix) – BM089

It seems like there’s one fresh outing per week on underground Black Montanas e-label and who would complain? Continuing its exploration of Electro music under its most diverse forms ranging from Electronica to Techno passing through experimental, abstract or ambient, the San Antonio and Dallas located audio platform for worldwide Internet artists serves up a brand new two tracker digital pack introducing the debut E.P. of French activist Millimetric.

Following X, Darank, Fancyman, Raw Mechanics, Miss Duckin’ or Elite’s refine releases. Versatile Marseilles based François-Xavier Michel demonstrates that he’s not a newcomer on the Electro - IDM scene, having written since 2002 some strong vinyl hits on fame structures such as Goodlife, Properproud, Uwe, Sonic Groove or Things to Come just to name.

On the “Suffoque E.P”, The Hacker and David Carretta’s fellow partner presents a noir minimalistic dancefloor affair, breaking the boundaries between old school electronic and much anticipated audio fields. Injecting in his track his early influences imprinted from EBM and New beat registers (Front 242, Liaisons Dangereuses, Camouflage, D.A.F, Klinik), Millimetric delivers a gothic disillusioned piece, cold, dark yet groovy, sparsed with gloomy heading French vocals from the like of Drey (Amazone Audio, Advanced Synergy). Exactly the kind of sounds to find on his “Experiences Modernes” first CD album issued two months ago on M-Tronic label. Lethal!

Coming next is an awesome dehumanized rework of “Suffoque” by Black Montanas mastermind Equitant (Black Leather, Tarot, Devilock Records). Waiting for his “Dynamism E.P.” to be released very soon! The US heavyweight producer turns the original into a massive 80’s synthesized anthem, made of vintage drums, devil programming, atmospheric layers à la Moroder, some great bubbling effects in the background. Timeless, dark, inspired and electronic at the same time! Rush on this virtual box, you won’t regret it! Format: digital Mp3, electro

Review by: Nexus 6
Nexus 6 @ myspace
Millimetric @ myspace

Friday, April 24, 2009

Red Industrie - Electro Body (feat. Yasmin Gate)

Coming soon on Black Montanas!

Written by Helder Camberos
Vocals by Helder Camberos
Guest female vocals by Yasmin Gate (Ex - Dirty Princess)

01. Electro Body (Elite! remix)
02. Electro Body (Equitant remix)

Red Industrie @ myspace
Yasmin Gate @ myspace

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Leggo vs Equitant - Electro Noir Free Download

Leggo vs Equitant - Electro Noir 2007
Free download here

The haunting fun begins with Leggo’s Ich Bin Ein Berliner Remix of Hauptstadt and hold back, it does not. Taking the original broken beat gem and driving it deep into flanged out vowel sound madness. Equitant’s original version of Haupstadt is a moody and highly textured 5 ¾ minutes. This one would make a great soundtrack to Terminator 4, with it’s dark apocalyptic synths and storming drums that command the listener’s attention thru the entirety of its intense journey. Next, Equitant reworks Leggo’s Ride On into another mid-tempo stalker. Tension builds over the whole arrangement, finally dropping a 4/4 kick for a climactic end to a haunting and uncompromising number. Wrapping things up is Leggo’s original Ride On with piercing hi-hats and punishing synth work its sure to send the evening into total disarray.

Source: Stir Sound

Plastic Machine - NY-Paris Remixes Free Dowload

Plastic Machine's "Ny Paris Remixes" 2006 feat. Equitant Remix!
Free download here

The original Plastic Machine version took us by storm when we heard it. The melodic bass and synth lines, super sharp drums and atmospheres are not to be missed. Equitant’s remix brings it down hard with a very aggressive take on the track. This one will have you bangin’ your fist in the air with it’s hard beat and variations on the synth sounds. Leggo’s Danger on the Road mix shakes it out with a nice hard break beat and acid style synth. Sevenfive gives as a little more room to breath with his twisted breaks and subdued bass line. This mix almost borders with a bit of an IDM feel but still very much in the electro realm.

Source: Stir Sound

Monday, April 13, 2009

Anonymat Electronique 14

Radio Show from FX of Millimetric

Feat. Equitant, Huntemann & Winter feat Xenia Beliayeva, CCIS, David Carretta, Faustian, Le Syndicat Electronique, Marco Asoleda & Drey, Decades, Starchaser Network, Medio Mutante, Cabaret Voltaire, 2VM, Deux, Set Up System, Soft Cell, Luke Eargoggle, Nine Circles, Communication and Notstandkomitee.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Equitant - Illusion II BMVideo_001A

Millimetric - Suffoque

Millimetric - Suffoque (Equitant Remix)

[\\WMM] :: electro|decay mix

w.a.r.d.r.o.b.e. || anti-corrosiva (strafbomber club edit)
sex:e:reve || narkocapsule (deadly luka’s rework)
lia organa & electric prince || indigo (single version)
ayria || invisible
jonathan cast feat. drey || hurt me (equitant remix)
isis signum feat. sara noxx || the heat is moving (lia organa & electric prince remix)
angelspit || 100% (combichrist rawmix)
scandy || it’s wicked (vocal remix by combichrist)
32crash || isomodia (egoboost mix by implant)
neon electronics vs. the hacker || better way (12” version)
starfbomber schmerzen (radio mix)
northern lite || my pain
iamx || nightlife (single)
tactica || tabla rocker (radio edit)
replicant || chant 64

Download here

VA - Futureclash 2 (2008)


01 Isis Signum Feat. Sara Noxx - The Heat Is Moving (Lia Organa & Electric Prince Remix)
02 Neon Electronics Vs. The Hacker - Better Way (12" Version)
03 Jonathan Cast Feat. Drey - Hurt Me (Equitant Remix)
04 Tactica - Tabla Rocker (Radio Edit)
05 Lethargy - Kaos (Radio Version)
06 Dirty Princess - Dios (T. Raumschmiere Remix)
07 Nexus-6 Feat. The Virus - Party Doll
08 Team Plastique - Faux Foe
09 Terence Fixmer - Mental Science
10 Neo Filigrante - A Fact Of Tragedy
11 Agonised By Love - Silent War (Rotersand Remix)
12 W.A.R.D.R.O.B.E. - Anti-Corrosiva (Strafbomber Club Edit)
13 Starfbomber - Schmerzen (Radio Mix)
14 Sex:e:reve - Narkocapsule (Deadly Luka's Rework)
15 Lia Organa & Electric Prince - Indigo (Single Version)
16 People Theatre - Better (Foretaste Remix)
17 Destroid - Friend Or Foe (No Wave Mix)

Download here

Saturday, April 11, 2009

REIZSTROM "And You Came" (Equitant Remix)

Equitant's remix of the German act REIZSTROM "And You Came" (Equitant Remix) can be heard

REIZSTROM ist das Produkt zweier Künstler, die in Ihren Lebensjahren schon mehrere Musik-Projekte hatten und noch haben, aber als sich ME und SKIP INTRO über MySpace kennen lernten und die örtliche Nähre auch zu einem persönlichen Kontakt einlud, wurde bald dieses EBM-Projekt ins Leben gerufen.

Die gemeinsame Liebe zur musikalischen Härte und Melodie lies REIZSTROM wachsen und gedeien, man lies die Drums und den Bass für sich sprechen, und am Ende verabreichte ME der Musik mit seinem unverwechselbaren Gesang die nötige Portion Gänsehaut, um den Songs die neuartige Einmaligkeit des gemeinsamen Schaffens zu verabreichen.

REIZSTROM haben nun Ihre erste CD "Zettel am Zeh" in Eigenregie zu veröffentlicht, hoffen eines Tages einen Plattenvertrag zu ergattern und die Szene mit Ihrer Live-Anwesenheit zu beglücken, aber haltet einfach Ausschau auf unserer Homepage oder unserer MySpace Seite, wir werden euch über alles auf dem laufenden halten! Ein Webshop ist auch schon eingeplant, wo es dann unsere CD und sonstige Artikel geben wird.
Reizstrom @ myspace

Friday, April 10, 2009


1. Any of various theories or philosophical systems that explain the universe in terms of force or energy.
2. A process or mechanism responsible for the development or motion of a system.
3. Continuous change, activity, or progress; vigor.

The new EP from Equitant coming soon on Black Montanas (with remixes by Elite!)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Electro Bosom Buddies Music Compilation

Electro Bosom Buddies Music is a very fine release. Some of the tracks have been heard before, others were quite new. You can hear a sample of each song on the album download page and make an opinion yourself. Eine Tasse Jäger blog was especially fond of Ad:KeY - Aggro's Baby, A.D.A.C. 8286 - Sport Frei, Hagen's Brut - Angst, Digital Factor - Dopamin, and Frontal - Aus und Vorbei. But in general, all of the songs on this compilation are quality pieces, each doing a very nice work to represent the band it's from. Musically, you get a mix of electro punk, slower more tough anhalt EBM, faster hard beating minimal electronics, and straight forward EBM, with some entirely new less known bands as well as veterans.

Bands included are: Ad:KeY, Guerrilla, Darkmen, Dupont, Severe Illusion, A.D.A.C. 8286, Kraft, Ionic Vision, Elite!, Hagen's Brut, Spark!, Body Pleasure, Equitant, UGH...!, Digital Factor, Struck 9, Judge: Dred (The Blister Exists), Standgericht, and Frontal.

Electro Arc made a fine compilation which suits as an introduction album about oldschool influenced EBM in general, and a nice exclusive collection, which will suit any EBM fan.

Download site


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Equitant - Mekanik (Re-released by Black Leather Records)


Re-released by Black Leather Records!
Equitant - Mekanik EP
Equitant - Mekanik Remixes (Including Remixes by ELITE!)

Digital downloads via Junodownload and Beatsdigital.
Black Leather Records @ myspace