Thursday, April 16, 2009

Leggo vs Equitant - Electro Noir Free Download

Leggo vs Equitant - Electro Noir 2007
Free download here

The haunting fun begins with Leggo’s Ich Bin Ein Berliner Remix of Hauptstadt and hold back, it does not. Taking the original broken beat gem and driving it deep into flanged out vowel sound madness. Equitant’s original version of Haupstadt is a moody and highly textured 5 ¾ minutes. This one would make a great soundtrack to Terminator 4, with it’s dark apocalyptic synths and storming drums that command the listener’s attention thru the entirety of its intense journey. Next, Equitant reworks Leggo’s Ride On into another mid-tempo stalker. Tension builds over the whole arrangement, finally dropping a 4/4 kick for a climactic end to a haunting and uncompromising number. Wrapping things up is Leggo’s original Ride On with piercing hi-hats and punishing synth work its sure to send the evening into total disarray.

Source: Stir Sound

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