Saturday, October 25, 2008

Weltherrschaft Kompilation I & II review by Nexus - 6

V/A - Weltherrschaft Kompilation I & II – Black Montanas BM072 & BM073

If you’re into dark electronic music with experimental and innovative approach, rush on Black Montanas’s releases, in particular the “Weltherrschaft Kompilation” series. In the musical steps of SolarOneMusic or Transient Force Records to name, this unstoppable and prolific independent label hailing from San Antonio and Dallas, introduces one after the other two virtual packages demonstrating how active is the current underground electro scene. Establishing an audio platform for net artists worldwide in order to give them the exposure these talents deserve and to break the boundaries between musical genres, this copious bundle provides here a refine collection of twenty-nine much anticipated cuts ranging from electronica to techno passing through EBM, abstract, ambient or minimal.

Featuring indiscutable producers Crotaphytus, Dr. Siak, Electroberlin, Equitant, Franck Kartell, Galaxian, Jauzas The Shining, Jonathann Cast, Katelectro vs Jauzas The Shining, Moon Disco, Other Aspect, Raw Mechanics, Scorpio, Starchaser Network, The Breakwaters, Elite, Eldar, Hadamard, Korporation, Mysterium, Svart1, The Pulse Projects, Tesla Monophonic, Trifid Nebula, Uniflux, Valerio Orlandini, Wave Tank, X-in and Zhark. The project offers a mind-blowing selection of fresh, audacious, eclectic, diverse, inspired and sophisticated tunes chosen by the label owner Equitant not only for their dance floor but also for their home listening impact.

From the early Detroit influences of “Battle At Sea” to the C64 80’s tones of “I Need A New Computer” passing through the emotional aesthetism of “Raison d’Etre”, the gloomy minimalism of “Schöne Weihnachten Noch!” or the fearsome distortions of “Black Hand Series 005” to name a few, both compilations cover all kind of sonic register in an exhaustive way, giving an exact idea of what's coming out there at the moment. Must have!

Format: Digital MP3
Release Date: 10/9/08
Black Montanas

Review by Nexus – 6
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