Monday, April 5, 2010

Black Montanas / Black Leather

What is Black Montanas ?

The birth of Black Montanas began in 1992 as a music magazine dedicated to the dark extreme music know as “Black Metal”. Founded by Equitant and Proscriptor, the first and “only” issue was well received amongst the worldwide Black Metal underground.

After the first issue was released, Equitant and Proscriptor made the decision to discontinue the idea of a magazine due to endless effort and time it takes to keep such a publication going. The magazine then transformed into a distribution company for Equitant’s early releases from 1992 into early 2003.

Today Black Montanas has transformed once again into a internet label helping to provide worldwide digital distribution and representation for independent artists of an Electro, Techno, EBM and Experimental variety.

What Is Black Leather Records?

Black Leather is an independent music label created in Bogota, Colombia and is dedicated to the production, distribution and promotion of national and international artists from de global electro scene and musical tendencies like EBM, techno, cold wave, minimal synth, new wave, disco etc... BLR offers services like recording, mixing, mastering, and musical production, the distribution and sale of digital audio, graphic design, event promotions, bookings and merchandising. The label has more than 30 digital releases without disrespecting the warm sound and conceptual validity of vinyl. Its objective is to have international recognition by showing new alternatives and concepts related de the management of the independent industry of vanguard electronic music.

Black Leather Records and Black Montanas :

Digital releases from Black Montanas are distributed by The Reliquary (via world wide major digital distributors) and Black Leather Records (via Junodownload)

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