Friday, May 21, 2010

Mt Sims - Unwound (Equitant's Die Geistermaschine Remix)

Mt. Sims - Unwound (Equitant's Die Geistermaschine Remix)
MT. SIMS - Revaluation 12" Ltd. ed. PUNCH 031

12" maxi EP (45 rpm)
Mixed colour vinyl - Outfold cover
Limited edition of +/- 300 hand-numbered copies


What happens when Adriano Canzian, Christopher Kah, Crossover, Equitant and Magas choose one song each from Mt. Sims's "Happily ever after...again" and have their way with it.
Well prepare yourself... turn all your lights off... turn your speakers up at full volume... and remove any sharp objects from your immediate reach...unless of coarse you like to dance on glass.

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