Friday, July 30, 2010

MT.SIMS - Revaluation - Review (The D-Side) Italy

MT.SIMS - Revaluation - Review (The D-Side) Italy

More detailed information about the biography of Berlin can draw from the last review of the album "Happily Ever After ... Again": what you'll hear recorded between the grooves of this twelve-inch limited edition sponsored by Punch Records is a sequence of remakes traits mentioned by full-length assigned to five different artists who, by making significant and multiple de-structure of two specific tracks plus one, individually interpret the meanings-emotional sonic suggest that the six songs to their current concern. Opening with the symbolic original version of "Fragile Fragile Breaks" followed by the reinvention of itself by French electro-worker Chrisopher Kah which proposes post-punk song further adorned with danceable electronic interventions from track and transform it into A Passage In Time Remix. U.S. and Illinois dedicated to electro-grunge, Magas outlines for "Fall Back" a tense version Violent ARP Remix hypnotic process emphases synthetic sour aftertaste, while the techno-man Italian Adriano Canzian sketches "Unwound" punctuated by pulses of programming and neurotic electro-minded solutions. Crossover reworks spectrally "Unwound" modifying largely overshadowed nell'ossatura rhythmic adding more, claustrophobic sequence of dense drumming laboratory and atmospheric effects breakdown / echoes. The techno-project Texan Equitant remixes the last track again, "Unwound", adding it to dry and percussive beats a foggy input key, turning it into a valuable artificial electro-waver. Release of good thickness and microscopic fragment to be added to the mosaic of diligent collector alternative: I am sincerely pleased with the flexible log Matt Sims always full of non-ordinariness: definitely a worthy continuation of an album that convinced. Development on several occasions in the basic track-list titles belongs to the earlier work. Now, after this immediate testing maxi ep, require an MS next appropriate test. I expect something on the edge of excellence.

(Translated from Italian)

The D-Side (Italy)

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