Thursday, February 9, 2012

Red Industrie - Koerper Reich feat Electro Body (Equitant Edit Mix)

Coming soon in Germany! RED INDUSTRIE "KOERPER REICH" album CD (Electro Arc label) remix album with 5 new exclusive tracks plus remixes of club hits by Equitant, Egoamp, Kaball, Richter, Lia Organa & Electric Prince, Batch ID, Klonavenus, Firemensch, Rebel Empire, Matsfer, Divider, Iambia, etc. digipack edition!


01 Koerper Reich (Firemensch Album Mix)
02 Produkt V2 (Klonavenus Remix)
03 Anti Cultura 2nd Part (Rebel Empire Rework)
04 Destroy My Heart (Matsfer Album Mix)
05 Shadow (EGOamp Album Mix)
06 Switch 2.0 (Lia Organa & Electric Prince Remix)
07 Who Are You (Iambia Remix)
08 Electro Body (Equitant Edit Mix)
09 Domination 2.0 (Kaball Edit Mix)
10 Artificial Part III (Batch ID Remix)
11 Koerper Reich Zwei (Richter Remix)
12 Who The F__ k Are You (Divider Album Mix)

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