Friday, July 20, 2012

"Equitant strikes back stronger than before" Equitant - Body Vehement Review @ Side-Line Magazine (Belgium)

Ray Heflin remains one of my favorite musicians from the past year. While this American body freak is still in search of the ‘big international' recognition I can assure you there are real famous names who don't have a similar talent. Each time again this artist surprises me with his fresh and minimal EBM vibes. "Body Vehement" is a new exploration of the body-tech fields and a new union with guest singers. The title song features the usual Equitant ingredients made of typical EBM-vibes with deep bass sounds, a danceable body-tech beat, darker vintage strings and robotic half spoken vocals. The remix features a few different sounds, but remains gorgeous EBM. "Let Me Be On" featuring Yasmin Gate stands for a winning formula. Equitant has already collaborated in the past with Yasmin Gate. She still has that alluring sexy timbre of voice, which creates a divine match with the minimalism of Heflin. Another female guest singer is the even more sexy sounding Lea X singing on "Dynamique". A very warm and melodic string showcases her warm, sensual voice. Equitant made a great remix of this song which features the French producer Bastian on vocals. The twist between Heflin's electronics and Bastian half spoken French words is sublime. The melodic tune here again accentuates the singer's vocals. The melody is not exactly a new element is Equitant's sound although it's not that usual. But the best is yet to come with both versions of "Das Menschliche Rennen" featuring Illumine concrete (German producer). Both versions are quite DAF-like, but once again in a more minimal and technoid approach. The metallic bass line running through this song is pure lust and joy while the echoing German lyrics are injecting an astral dimension. Equitant strikes back stronger than before. I hope the recent paternity of Ray Heflin will only incite him to go on writing such a sublime music! 20/07/12 (DP:9)DP. Review by: Stephane Froidcoeur
Source: Side-Line Magazine
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Equitant - Body Vehement by Equitant

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