Sunday, February 17, 2013

Equitant - Body Vehement #15 @ Side-Line Reviews (Best of 2012)


This is a very personal and delicate choice! There were a lot of cool releases all over the year, but my number 1 was an easy choice; according to me it's the uncontested winner of 2012! I was hesitating about a lot of releases to get part of the 'top 20' and that's why I also made a list 'Special Mention'. The selection concerns releases we got for the reviews-section! We got more than 700 releases for 2012 dealing with EBM, dark-electornics, dark-ambient, synth-pop, ethereal, industrial, power-noise, IDM, tribal, trance, gothic, new-wave and related genres... so it's a very eclectic 'top 20'.

See you in 2013 for a new 'top 20'! St├ęphane Froidcoeur

BEST OF 2012!!!

01-ADMX-71 - Second System (CD - Sonic Groove Experiments/Sleepless Records)
02-Metroland - Mind The Gap (DCD - Alfa-Matrix)
03-Diary Of Dreams – The Anatomy Of Silence (CD – Accession Records)
04-Wieloryb – Namaste (CD – Hands)
05-Velvet Acid Christ – Maldire (CD – Dependent)
06-Frontline Assembly – AirMech (CD – Metropolis Records)
07-Red Industrie – Destroyer (CD – EK Product)
08-Cryogenic Echelon – Antipode (CD – CRL Studios)
09-Espermachine – Dying Life (CD – 23db Records)
10-The Birthday Massacre – Hide And Seek (CD – Out Of Line)
11-Gin Devo – Errata (CD – EK Product)
12-Grendel - Timewave Zero (CD - Infacted Recordings)
13-Portion Control – Pure Form (CD – Other Sounds/Cherry Red Records)
14-Sibelian - Gothic Opera 1999-2011 (CD - The Fossil Dungeon)
15-Equitant - Body Vehement (Digital EP - Black Montanas)
16-Nachtmahr – Veni Vidi Vici (DCD + Book – Trisol)
17-Decoded Feedback – Dis|Konnekt (CD – Dependent)
18-Necrotek – Blacklight Magick (CD – Vendetta Music)
19-Xiphoid Dementia – Secular Hymns (CD – Malignant Records)
20-Mlada Fronta – Contract 1998-2004 Unreleased And Rare Tracks (CD – Sounds Of Industry)

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