Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Delectro - Mass Destruction EP (Including Equitant Remix) Pre-order @ Musex Industries Bandcamp!

"Mass Destruction (Equitant Remix): Without neglecting the basis of the original theme Equitant adds a dark and powerful sound."

Delectro - Mass Destruction Ep is a vital exploration into the sounds of Techno, Electro and EBM. The title track is supported by remixes from a solid group of influential artists: Ethan Fawkes (Belgium), Equitant (USA), RadicalG (Belgium), EGG dj aka Tony Verdi (Electro Generator Group) (Spain), VV303 (Belgium), P01sed (Colombia) and Stamba (France). This long-awaited debut EP from an emerging talent whose powerful beats and rapid-fire bass-lines echo dark electro and EBM. This is a release rich with new visions for these sounds and genres.

Read more, preview and pre-order the full release @ musex-industries.es

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