Thursday, February 12, 2015

Pre-Order "Zombies" by Adriano Canzian // feat. vocals by Equitant & Anna Patrini!

Feat. Equitant & Anna Patrini! Zombies by Adriano Canzian! Limited Edition Compact Disc. Digipack CD format includes full album digital download.

01 Zombies The Opening Feat. Equitant
02 Sleeplessness
03 Sick Goats
04 Paranoia
05 Endocrine System
06 Anorgasmy
07 Screaming Into The Water
08 Borderline
09 Intervallo
10 Tangled Neurotransmitters
11 Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
12 No Escape
13 The Hypothalamus Of A Crow
14 Anesthetized Sheep
15 Zombies The Ending Feat. Equitant & Anna Patrini

When you're holding the Zombies CD Adriano Canzian just reading the titles of the different tracks you know theTrevigiano artist is going to get the deep down inside and body of the essence of women and men who have stalled between life and death, Hypothalamus, Tangled neurotransmitters, Endrocrine System, Paranoia .....

An album that as usual Adriano is spinning and whose 15 tracks are intertwined to increase phobias and aversions of the listener while this can not stop dancing to end in a paranoid state Zombie.

Adriano Canzian after their first album International Deejay Gigolo of DJ Hell (Pornography, 2005) and his second one in Space Factory of David Carretta (Metamorphosis, 2008), has chosen I-Traxx Red Editions to launch (Zombies, 2015) in CD and digital format, with a 12 " remixes in which tracks from" Zombies "are manipulated by frontline artists.

pre-order @ bandcamp
"Zombies" promo video

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