Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Equitant - The Great Lands of Minas Ithil (Re-issue 1994 Cassette by Hollow Myths)

Official, limited and exclusive cassette version re-issue of "Equitant - The Great Lands of Minas Ithil" by Hollow Myths. First era Ritual Dark Ambient / Medieval / Dungeon Synth from the US.

Recorded on the night of August 13th, 1994 at Thy Moon Eternal Studios
Produced by Equitant and Black Mass Prayer
Equitant Ifernain (King Agurak) - synths, lyrics, effects, voice
Black Mass Prayer - synths, effects
Shaftiel (lord of all Shadows) - narrator, effects, voice

Made from the original master tape.
Includes Poster and Insert with the tale of Agurak.
The first 16 copies will come with an antique opalescent teardrop stickpin.
The first 9 copies will also come with a red Ulbrik Mandrak Star stone.
"Argatha-Shuggdu-Nabbu gla oth-Negus"
8 USD @ Hollow Myths

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