Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Life For Dead “Walking in the Flesh” Review @ Como las Grecas (Spain)

The new project of the Colombian producer and resident in New York of Daniel Olarte aka Fiero, Life For Dead, started two years ago, will release his darker side, more horror disco, comes to imprint run by David Carretta’s Space Factory, an EP consisting of 2 original tracks and 4 remixes, with all the horror, terror and science fiction of the movie screen in music, opening it with ‘ Walking in the Flesh’ with synths and very sinister and mysterious, most film with ‘Devil’, strong and delicious track; and for the remixes, from San Antonio (USA) Equitant producer with 2 remixes for the track ‘Walking in the Flesh’, 2 remixes that which gives a touch more quick and film; track that also includes remixes of a master of horror disco, such as Antoni Maoivvi carrying remix more than 7 minutes, with a touch more electro; and from Seattle with Jordan Passmore with a dark, mysterious and more industrial remix, and the track ‘Devil’, with the remix of David Carretta, which maintain the most mysterious elements and terror of the track and adds a touch closer to the dance floor, great remix.


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