Tuesday, September 2, 2014

OUT NOW @ Space Factory // LIFE FOR DEAD “Walking in the Flesh” EP

Space Factory is proud to present LIFE FOR DEAD “Walking in the Flesh” EP! Including remixes by: Equitant (USA), Jordan Passmore (USA), Antoni Maiovvi (UK) & Space Factory’s own…David Carretta (France). SF43 - release date 01/09/2014 c&p Space Factory 2014. Early support from: Laurent Garnier, Dave Clarke, Terence Fixmer, Christopher Kah, Yan Wagner, Radical G, Yasmin Gate, DJ Der Retronaut, Mondowski, My Favorite Robot, Tsugi Mag, Jerry Bouthier, HIV+, Mr.Magnetik, Glass Figure, ASCII.DISKO / THE LEFT HAND PATH.

Daniel Olarte conceived “Life for Dead” in November 2012 as a New York City resident. Growing up in Bogota, Colombia he was consistently exposed to North American and European pop culture with Hollywood films and B-budget horror films having a particularly strong influence on his formative years. On Sunday evenings it was common to watch ‘70s and ‘80s action and horror classics on local television directed by John Carpenter, George A. Romero, Ridley Scott and Wes Craven among others.

Upon arriving in New York City, Daniel found the architecture of the city reminiscent of the movie sets he saw in his childhood. Olarte found the sets to be provocative in the modern context of Occupy Wall Street and other similar contemporary social movements. As a reaction he decided to explore themes that dealt with social commentary. The closing scene of Lucio Fulci’s “Zombi 2” in which the zombies cross the Brooklyn Bridge and take over Manhattan was one scene that carried strong resonance with his oeuvre. Inspired by “Escape from New York,” “Night of the Living Dead,” “They Live,” “Stuff,” “Serpent and the Rainbow,” and “Videodrome,” to name a few, Olarte began to form “Life for Dead.” His work incorporated his previous electronic disco sound with a touch of cinematic ambiance, raw e.b.m. and techno music as a stylistic choice to deliver his concept.

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Photography by: Milena Bacovic / Artwork by: Equitant

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